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April 4th, 2008: CHALONE

Definition: CHALONE*CHALONES n a hormone

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: chaloneS

Ana-hooks: eUlachon

'Typos': chelone

Blana-grams: alencoN aneThol calZone caThole celaDon chanCel chanNel chaRnel choanAe cholaTe cholenT choleRa cholIne choRale choReal coalMen coChlea conCeal conChae conChal conGeal coRneal echElon enhaloS ePochal eThanol Galoche halcYon haloGen helIcon lacTone lancheD lancheS laRchen loacheS lochanS Manhole nochelS noTchel oScheal Panoche Planche

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace ach ache acne ae aeon ah al ale alec aloe alone an ance ancle ane anole calo can cane caneh canoe cel ch cha chal chao che chela chon clan clean clon clone coal col cola cole con cone ea each ean ech echo eh el elan en enhalo enol eoan eon ha hae haen hale halo halon han hance hao haole he heal helo hen ho hoa hoc hoe hole hon hone la lac lace lah lance lanch lane lea leach lean lech leno lo loach loan loca loch lochan lone na nach nache nacho nae nah ne neal no nochel noel noh nole oca ocean och oche oe oh ole olea on once one

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