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February 5th, 2008: ENATIC

Definition: ENATIC adj pertaining to enates

Anagrams: acetin centai

Hooks: Venatic

Ana-hooks: acetinS acOnite ancieNt caBinet ceRatin ceRtain cineaSt cReatin cYanite ineXact neMatic nictaTe Picante tacRine teTanic tUnicae Zincate

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: acCent acetiC actinG actinS actiOn actiVe aeOnic aneMic anticK anticS aPneic aScent ateLic atOnic aUntie aXenic Binate caDent caniNe canNie canteD canteR cantHi cantiC cantLe caRnet caRnie caSein catenA catiOn catKin catLin catniP catTie centaL centaS centRa cetanE cHaine cineMa cLient cniDae cRetin Dacite Decani Decant Detain eatinG enactS enciNa entaiL enticE etaMin etHnic Fiance iceMan incaGe incaNt incaSe inceNt incePt inceSt incIte inFect inGate inJect inLace inMate inNate inSect intacT intaKe Lancet Lectin Lentic Mantic naStic natiVe nectaR niceSt nicetY niDate nOetic nOtice Octane Pantie Patine Pectin Pineta Ratine Recant Retain Retina Secant Seitan Stance taeniA taGine taJine taMein tanNic tanRec tenacE tenaiL teniaE teniaS tincaL tineaL tineaS tiSane tRance tUnica Unciae Zeatin

Extensions: VenaticAL VenaticALLY#

Sub-anagrams: ace acne act actin ae ai ain ait an ane ani ant ante anti antic at ate cain can cane cant cat cate cent cine cite eat en enact entia et eta etic etna ice in it na nae ne neat net nice nit nite ta tace tae tain tan te tea tec tein ten tenia ti tian tic tie tin tine tinea

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