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February 4th, 2008: DEASIL

Definition: DEASIL adv in the same direction as the apparent motion of the sun

Anagrams: aisled ideals ladies sailed

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: aedilEs aidlesS aliAsed aliPeds aUdiles Baldies dailIes dalLies deNials deRails deTails deVisal dialeRs dialYse dilaTes disaBle dUalise elaPids Halides isOlead ladDies laPides liaIsed Medials Misdeal Mislead Palsied Pleiads Redials salLied sedilIa sNailed

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aBides aBseil adDles adieUs adVise aedilE aField aideRs aisleS alCids aldeRs aldOse alieNs aliNed aliNes aliPed alKies alLied alLies alsiKe aMides aRiels aRiled asideS aUdile aXised aZides Bailed Baldie Biased Bields Blades Clades daiseS dalAsi dalLes daMsel dasSie daVies deaiRs deCals delaYs delisH delisT delTas deNial deRail desalT deTail deVils dialeD dialeR diesEl dilaTe disMal disPel disTal dRails dUlias dWales easilY edilEs eidOla elaiNs elaNds elaPid elidEs eMails esPial Failed Falsie Felids Fields Glades Glides Hailed Halide Halids idleRs idlesT ilIads iRades islaNd Jailed ladDie ladeNs ladeRs ladLes laiRds laiRed laMeds laPsed lasHed lasSie lasTed laZied laZies leasEd liaIse liaNes liaRds liaseS lidaRs liGase liPase lisPed lisTed Mailed Mailes Medals Medial Medias Mesial Misled Nailed Naleds Oldies Padles Pedals Plaids Pleads Pleiad Railed Raised Redial Redias Relaid Resaid Resail sadDle saileR saiNed saliNe salPid salTed salTie salVed saMiel sCaled sealEd sedilE seidEl seNdal seRail seRial sHaled sHeila sHield sialId sidleD sidleR sidleS silaGe silaNe silKed silOed silTed silVae slaKed slaTed slaVed slaYed sliCed slideR slideS sliMed sliPed sMiled sOiled sPiled sTaled sTelai Tailed Tildes Vailed Valise Vialed Visaed Wadies Wailed Walies Wealds Wields Yields

Extensions: deasilS#

Sub-anagrams: ad ads ae ai aid aide aides aids ail ailed ails ais aisle al ale ales als as aside da dais dal dale dales dals das de deal deals deil deils del deli delis dels desi dial dials die diel dies dis ed eds el eld elds els es id idea ideal ideas ides idle idles ids ilea is isle isled la lad lade lades lads laid las lase lased lea lead leads leas led lei leis les li lias lid lids lie lied lies lis sad sade sadi sae said sail sal sale sea seal sei sel si sial side sidle sild sled slid slide

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