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January 17th, 2008: RESITE

Definition: RESITE*RESITED*RESITES*RESITING v to site again

Anagrams: reties

Hooks: resiteD resiteS

Ana-hooks: Aeriest Cerites Diester Dieters eeriEst eNtires eNtries etrieRs Heister Keister Kiester Leister Meister Metiers Pestier reCites reeDits reeMits resPite restiVe retiLes retiMes retiNes retiRes retRies seriAte sieVert steriLe sUetier terRies tesTier tierCes trieNes triseMe Veriest Verites Zestier

'Typos': recite reside resile resits resize

Blana-grams: Aeries Airest Aretes Artsie Berets Bestir Betise Bister Bistre Biters Cerise Cerite Certes Citers Desert Desire Deters Dieter Direst Driest eAsier eAster eAters eeJits eGrets eiDers eitHer eLites eNters eNtire ereCts esPrit esterS estriN etHers etrieR eVerts eVites eXerts eXsert eYries Fester Freest Frisee Frites Greets Hirees iNerts iNsert iNters Jester Kiters Listee Lister Liters Litres Merest Merits Meters Metier Metres Mister Miters Mitres Nereis Nester Niters Nitres Pester Peters Preset Priest reCits reeDit reeMit reestS reFits reGies reiVes reLets reLies reList reMise reMits reNest reNtes reRise reseAt reseCt reseNt resetS resiFt resiSt resteD resteR reteMs retesT retieD retiLe retiMe retiNe retiRe retUse reVest reVets reVise reWets riFest riPest ritZes riVets sAtire seAter seCret seiNer seiSer seiZer sereiN sereSt serieS seriNe setTer seXier siFter siNter sireeS sirRee siSter sitreP sitTer sMiter sOiree sOrtie sPrite steerS stereO stereS steriC stiVer streeK streeL streeT striAe striDe striFe striKe striNe striPe striVe sUiter teAser teNesi teNser terAis terCes terNes terseR tesTer teTris tHeirs tHeres tHrees tierCe tiereD tiGers tiLers tiMers tiTers tiTres tOries treeNs triBes triCes trieNe trieNs trieRs triKes triNes triOse triPes trisTe tWiers Verist Verite Verset Verste Wester Wriest Writes Yester Zester

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: er ere ers erst es est ester et ire ires is it its re ree rees reest rei reis res reset resit rest ret rete retie rets rise rite rites see seer sei ser sere set si sir sire siree sit site sri steer stere stir te tee tees teres terse tes ti tie tier tiers ties tire tires tis tree trees tres tries

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