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September 26th, 2007: SIPE

Definition: SIPE*SIPED*SIPING*SIPES v to seep

Anagrams: pies pise spie

Hooks: sipeD sipeS

Ana-hooks: epiCs epRis Kepis Kipes pAise peiNs peisE peNis peRis pieRs pieTs piKes piLes piNes piPes piseS pisTe piXes piZes pLies pOise pRies pRise Ripes sepiA sepiC sLipe sNipe speiL speiR spiCe spiDe spieD spieL spieR spieS spiKe spiLe spiNe spiRe spiTe sTipe sWipe Wipes Yipes

'Typos': kipe pipe ripe sice side sike sile sine sips sire site size spie supe sype wipe yipe

Blana-grams: Apes Apse Bise Ceps Dies Dips eGis eiKs epiC epOs espY Feis Gies Gips Heps Hesp Hies Hips iCes iDes iMps iRes isLe Kepi Keps Kips Leis Leps Lies Lips Lisp Mise Neps Nies Nips Opes pAis pAse peAs peCs peDs peEs peGs peHs peiN peNi peNs pePs peRi pesO pesT peTs peWs pHis piAs piCe piCs pieD pieR pieT piGs piKe piLe piNe piNs piPs piRs pisH pisO pisS piTs piZe pLie pOis pOse psiS pYes Reis Reps Rips Rise Risp seEp seiF seiK seiL seiR seiS seMi sepS sepT sHip sieN siMp sKep sKip sLip sNip spAe speC speD speK speT speW spiC spiK spiN spiT spiV spUe sTep sTie Ties Tips Vies Vise Wise Wisp Yeps Yips Zips

Extensions: GOSsipeD BAsipeTAL ERYsipeLAS BAsipeTALLY FISsipeD(S) GOSsipeR(S) TARsipeD(S) ERYsipeLASES FISsipeDE(S)

Sub-anagrams: es is pe pes pi pie pis psi sei si sip

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