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June 30th, 2007: HIRSEL


Anagrams: hirsle relish

Hooks: hirselS

Ana-hooks: hAilers hilLers hirPles hirsleD hirsleS hUrlies shAlier shriVel sliTher

'Typos': hirsle

Blana-grams: Ariels Ashier Ashler Birles Chiels Chiles Chisel Delish elFish elVish erVils Filers Fisher Fliers Grilse hAiler hAlers heliOs hiDers hiKers hilLer hireEs hireRs hirPle hisSer hOlier hOlies hOsier iDlers isOhel lAsher liBers liChes liFers liGers liKers liNers lisPer lisTer liTers liTher liTres liVers liVres lOries lUsher Milers Oilers Oriels Perils Perish Pisher Pliers reliCs reliEs relisT reOils resAil reshiP resilE riChes riFles rilLes sAiler serAil seriAl sheilA sheriF shielD shielS shierS shiNer shireS shiVer shrieK shriKe shrilL shriNe shriVe siDler siGher silLer silVer sleiGh sliCer sliDer sliVer sMiler Theirs Thirls Tilers Whiles Whirls Wisher

Extensions: hirselED hirselING hirselLED hirselLING

Sub-anagrams: eh el elhi els er ers es he heil heils heir heirs her herl herls hers hes hi hie hies hire hires his ire ires is isle lehr lehrs lei leis li lie lier liers lies lire lis re rei reis res resh riel riels rile riles rise sei sel ser sh she shiel shier shire shri si sir sire slier sri

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