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June 26th, 2007: DACITE

Definition: not available

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: daciteS

Ana-hooks: acCited acideSt citadeL deLtaic diaLect dictaTe edacitY edictaL Micated

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: acCite acediA acetiC acetiN acideR acMite actiVe adDict adVect adVice aiRted aNetic ateLic Baited cadDie cadeNt cadetS cadieS caNdie caNted caRied caRted caSted catTed catTie ciSted citIed cNidae cOated cOdeia cOedit cRated cRedit dacOit daFtie datiVe daUtie daWtie decaNi decaNt decEit deLict deLtic dePict detacH detaiL detaiN deticK dicaSt dicteD diDact diLate diRect edictS eNatic Fiated Gaited ideatE iOdate itcHed Micate Raited Redact tacKed tadDie taiLed taLced taXied ticKed tieTac tiRade tRaced tRiced Waited

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aced acid act acted ad adit ae ai aid aide ait at ate cad cade cadet cadi cadie caid cat cate cedi cid cide cit cite cited da dace dae date de dei di diact dice dict dicta die diet dit dita dite ea eat ecad ed edict edit et eta etic ice iced id ide idea it ita ta tace tad tae taed tai te tea tead ted ti tic tice ticed tid tide tie tied

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