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April 4th, 2007: YAGER

Definition: YAGER*YAGERS n jaeger

Anagrams: aygre gayer

Hooks: yagerS

Ana-hooks: agryZe aNergy argyLe Fegary garVey graPey grayeD grayeR grayLe greaSy gyraSe gyraTe yagGer

'Typos': cager eager gager jager lager pager rager sager wager yarer

Blana-grams: agerS agGer agGry agLey agreE aIery aNger aNgry aPery areFy argLe argUe aUger ayreS ayrIe Barge Barye Begar Beray Cagey Deary Deray eagrE earLy egGar eyraS Faery Fayer Fayre gaMer gaMey gaPer garBe garRe gaZer gearE gearS geraH gerMy geyaN geyEr gLare gLary gOary graCe graDe graMe graPe graPy graTe graVe graVy grayS graZe greaT greyS gryCe gryDe gryKe gryPe gyNae gyraL gyreD gyreS Hayer Large Layer Leary Marge Parge Payer raDge ragDe rageD rageE rageS ragGy raNge raNgy rayeD rayLe rayNe reaDy reaMy regaL regaR regMa regNa reLay reNay reNga rePay reSay reTag rUgae Sarge Sayer Segar Targe Teary Terga Weary yearD yearN yearS yerBa

Extensions: VOyagerS VOyager(S)

Sub-anagrams: ae aery ag age ager ar are areg ary ay aye ayre ea ear er era erg eyra gae gar gare gay gear gey gray grey gyre rag rage ray re reg rya rye ya yar yare ye yea year

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