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December 11th, 2006: NAMETAG

Definition: NAMETAG*NAMETAGS n a tag bearing one's name worn for identification

Anagrams: gateman magenta magnate

Hooks: nametagS

Ana-hooks: agmInate enIgmata magentaS magnateS

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: agametE agnameD agnameS agnateS amatIng amenagE amentaL amentIa anImate aUgment emanaNt emanatE enEmata gameLan gametaL gaRment gatemEn geOmant magnetO magnetS manageD manageR manageS manateE manDate manteaU maRgent meatMan megatOn mIntage mOntage mUtagen namaSte Pageant Peatman Ragment Ramenta Regmata Sagamen tanageR tangRam tanKage tanNage teamIng tegmIna tHanage tRangam Vantage Wantage

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: aa ae ag aga agate age agen agent agma agname agnate am ama amate amen ament amenta an ana ane anga ant anta antae ante at ate atma atman ea ean eat egma em en eng et eta etna gae gaen gam gama game gan gane gant gat gate gean geat gem gen gena gent get geta gnat ma maa mae mag mage magnet man mana manage mane manet mang manga mange manta mat mate me mean meant meat meg mega men meng ment menta met meta mna na naam nae nag naga nam name nat ne neat nema net ta tae tag tagma tam tame tan tana tane tang tanga te tea team teg ten

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