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November 24th, 2006: OLOGY

Definition: OLOGY*OLOGIES n a branch of knowledge

Anagrams: gooly

Hooks: Oology

Ana-hooks: glooMy glooPy gooDly gooGly goolEy gRooly oolOgy

'Typos': elogy

Blana-grams: Boogy Colog Cooly Dooly gloBy glooM glooP gloRy goDly golDy golLy gooDy gooEy gooFy gooKy goolD goolS gooNy gooPy gooSy Hooly Igloo logGy logoI logoN logoS loLog looBy looEy looNy looPy Mooly Wooly

Extensions: APology BIology ECology ENology GEology MYology NEology NOology ORology OTology UFology URology ZOology AERology AGRology ALGology APIology ARCology AREology ATMology AUTology AXIology BATology BRYology CACology CETology CHAology CYTology DEMology DOSology DOXology ETHology ETIology FETology GEMology HOMology HORology HologyNY IDEology KIDology MENology MISology MIXology MONology MYCology NOMology NOSology OECology OENology OINology ONCology ONTology OPTology OREology OURology PEDology PELology PENology PODology POMology POSology PYRology RHEology SERology SEXology SINology SITology THEology TOCology TOKology TOPology TYPology VINology VIRology XYLology ZYMology ACARology AETIology AGRIology ANDRology ANEMology ANTHology ARCHology ASTRology ATHEology AUDIology BATTology BUMPology CALIology CARPology CARTology CHIRology CHORology COPRology COSMology DIABology DITTology DOSIology ETHNology ETYMology (and 343 more)

Sub-anagrams: go goo gool goy lo log logo logy loo loy oo oy ygo yo

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