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August 28th, 2006: IMPRESA

Definition: IMPRESA*IMPRESAS n a type of emblem

Anagrams: sampire

Hooks: impresaS

Ana-hooks: apTerism empairEs epiGrams impaLers impearLs Lempiras merOpias misparSe pareCism primaGes primaTes rampiKes rampiRes sampHire sampireS sapremiA sapremiC serapHim spamMier sWampier Vampires

'Typos': imprese impress imprest

Blana-grams: aDmires amBries amperEs aperiEs apPrise armpiTs aspireD aspireR aspireS aWmries Campers Campier Dampers Dampier Despair Diapers empairE emparEs emparLs emparTs empirEs empOria emprisE epaCris epEiras epiGram epimErs Gaspier Gisarme Hampers Harpies imaGers imareTs impaIrs impaLer impaLes imparKs imparLs imparTs impasSe impasTe impaVes impearL imperIa impOser Lampers Lempira Limpers maesTri maGpies maiGres maiLers maiMers maisTer mapPers mapWise marDies mariNes marRies masHier masSier masTier merOpia miraGes misaVer misFare misHear mispaGe misparT misraTe misreaD paLmers paLmier paLmies paLsier pamPers paNiers paresiS pariseS parKies parLies parRies parTies parVise pasTier pasTime paViser permiTs pesSima pHaeism piasTer piasTre piraTes pismIre praiseD praiseR praiseS praTies preamPs preaRms preLims premiEs premisE premisS primaGe primaTe primeRs primsIe prisaGe prOmise pYemias pYramis ramMies rampeRs rampiKe rampiRe rapieRs rapiNes raspieR reaLism remaiLs remaiNs repaiRs resTamp reVamps rimpLes rUmpies sampLer sapPier sCamper sCrapie seamiEr seDarim semiNar semiprO semiraW semiTar seriEma sHarpie siDearm simarRe simperS simpLer sirName smarTie sOapier spaCier spairGe spamMer sparKie spermiC spiraeA spireaS spiremE spiremS spUmier spUriae sTamper sWamper Tampers Traipse Umpires Upraise Uremias Vampers Vampire Waspier

Extensions: impresaRI impresaRIO impresaRIOS

Sub-anagrams: ae aesir ai aim aimer aimers aims air airs ais am ami amie amies amir amirs amis amp amps ape aper apers apes apism apres apse ar are ares aris arise arm armies arms ars arse as asp asper aspire ea ear ears eas em emir emirs ems epris er era eras ers es imp imps ire ires is ism ma mae maes mair maire maires mairs maise map maps mar mare mares maries mars marse mas mase maser me meri meris mes mesa mi mir mire mires mirs mis mise miser pa pair paire paires pairs pais paise pam pams par pare pares paries paris pars parse pas pase pe pea pear pears peas per perai perais peri peris perm perms pes pi pia pias pie pier piers pies pima pimas pir pirs pis pise praise pram prams prase pre premia presa pries prim prima primas prime primes prims prise prism psi rai rais raise ram rami ramie ramies ramis ramp ramps rams rap rape rapes raps ras rase rasp re ream reams reap reaps rei reis rem remap remaps rems rep reps res ria rias riem riems rim rima rimae rime rimes rims rip ripe ripes rips rise (and 51 more)

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