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August 9th, 2006: PRESTER

Definition: PRESTER*PRESTERS n a priest

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: presterS

Ana-hooks: perVerts pesterEr prestOre preterMs tAperers

'Typos': presser wrester

Blana-grams: epAters etrIers eXperts Ferrets pArters peArter peLters peNster perrIes pertesT perUser perVert pesterS pestIer petreLs petTers peWters pOrters prAters preFers preseNt presetS presOrt preterM pretesT pretOrs preYers prIsere reApers reCepts reGrets reNters repeAts repeNts reperKs repOrts repOser represS reprIse repUtes rereNts respeCt respeLt respIre respIte resterS restOre retApes reteArs retIres retrIes retYpes reVerts sCepter sCeptre serpeNt serrAte seXpert speArer speCter speCtre speLter spOrter spUrter steepEr steerEr stepPer sterNer streWer strIper tAperer teArers teMpers terMers terreTs terrIes tHreeps Ureters

Extensions: presterNA presterNUM presterILIZE presterNUMS# presterILISE# presterILIZED presterILIZES presterILISED# presterILISES# presterILIZING presterILISING#

Sub-anagrams: er ere err errs ers erst es est ester et pe pee peer peers pees per pere peres perse pert perter pes pest pester pet peter peters pets pree prees prese preset prest pst re ree rees reest rep reps res reset rest rester ret rete rets see seep seer sept ser sere serer set speer spree steep steer step stere strep te tee tees teres terse terser tes tree trees tres

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