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July 3rd, 2006: EAGRE

Definition: EAGRE*EAGRES n a tidal flood

Anagrams: agree eager geare ragee

Hooks: Meagre eagreS

Ana-hooks: aBrege agreeD agreeS agreGe Barege Bargee Dragee eagerS eNrage ergaTe gaLere geareD geareS geNera greaSe greaVe Jaeger Meager rageeS ragGee regaLe regaVe regeaR regGae

'Typos': eager eagle

Blana-grams: aerIe ageNe agerS agGer agLee aMeer aNger areAe areDe areRe areTe argLe argUe aUger aYgre Barge Beare Begar Cager Cerge Deare eareD eaTer eDger egerS egGar egGer egreT eraSe eTage Feare gaGer gaMer gaPer garBe garRe gaYer gaZer gearS geNre geraH gerBe gereS gerLe gerNe geYer gLare graCe graDe graMe graPe graTe graVe graZe greaT greBe greCe greeD greeK greeN greeS greeT greGe greSe greVe Heare Jager Lager Laree Large Leare Leear Leger Marge Meare Merge Pager Parge Peage Peare Perea raDge ragDe rageD rageR rageS raKee raMee raNee raNge raZee reaMe reaTe reaVe regaL regaR regeS regIe regMa regNa reNga rePeg reTag rUgae Sager Saree Sarge Seare Segar Serge Targe Terga Verge Wager Yager

Extensions: MeagreR MeagreS MeagreLY MeagreST MeagreNESS MeagreNESSES

Sub-anagrams: ae ag age agee ager ar are areg ea ear ee eger er era ere erg gae gar gare gear gee gere gree rag rage re ree reg

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