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April 28th, 2006: HIRSUTE

Definition: HIRSUTE adj hairy

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Luthiers Outhires rushieSt suPerhit thesAuri

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Brutish Bushier Bustier Cithers Cuiters Curiets Curites Cushier Dithers Dustier estriCh Fustier Grushie Gushier Gustier Gutsier hAstier heistEr herBist heriOts herMits heurisM hiNters hiPster hirstIe hitHers hitTers hOister hOusier huMites huNters hurDies hurLies hurRies hurteRs hurtLes husHier husKier hustLer iCterus Lushier Lustier Luthier Mithers Mushier Mustier Nutsier Ouriest Outhire Peritus Puirest Pushier Querist reDuits reQuits resiGht reVuist riChest rOuthie ruBiest ruLiest ruNtish rushieR rustieR rutiLes rutTish sheriAt shiFter shirteD shOrtie shOuter shuNter shutTer siGhter sLither sOuther stOurie stuDier stuiVer stuShie suetiEr suiterS surFeit sWither terTius thriVes tiThers tOshier tOuries tOusier triuNes tuMshie turKies tusherY tushieS tushKer tusKier uNherst uNiters Virtues Withers Writhes Wuthers Zithers

Extensions: hirsuteNESS hirsuteNESSES

Sub-anagrams: eh ehs er ers erst es est et eth eths etui etuis he heir heirs heist her hers hes hest het hets hi hie hies hire hires his hist hit hits hue huer huers hues hui huis hurst hurt hurts hut huts ire ires is ish it ither its iure re reh rehs rei reis reist res resh resit rest ret rets rhies rhus rise rit rite rites rits rue rues ruse rush rust rut ruth ruths ruts sei seir ser set sh she shet shier shir shire shirt shit shite shri shut shute si sieth sieur sir sire sit site sith sithe sri st stie stir stire sture sue suer suet sui suit suite suiter sur sure te tehr tehrs tes the their theirs thir this thru thus ti tie tier tiers ties tire tires tis tres trie tries true trues tui tuis tush tushie uh ur ure ures urite urites us use user usher ut ute uteri utes utis uts

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