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April 25th, 2006: DREICH

Definition: DREICH adj dreary

Anagrams: chider herdic riched

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Birched chAired chiderS chiLder chirKed chirLed chirMed chirPed chirRed chirTed chOired diTcher eLdrich herdicS richTed

'Typos': dreigh drench droich

Blana-grams: Achier Acider Arched Archei cAhier cAried ceriPh cerVid chAdri chAred chedEr chiCer chideD chideS chieLd chiGre chiLde chiMed chiMer chiNed chirRe chiVed chOred ciderS ciderY ciNder ciPher ciTher cLerid cOheir crediT criMed criNed deicEr derMic diArch dicerS dicIer dicKer direcT dirheM diTher driceS drieGh echArd eNrich eriAch hAired heirEd heriEd herOic hidDer hiderS hiNder hYdric iNched iTched Miched Micher Niched Nicher Ochred Orchid Priced rechiE rhOdic rhOdie richeN richeR richeS ricKed rUched Scried Thrice Triced

Extensions: dreichER dreichEST

Sub-anagrams: cedi ch che cher chi chid chide cid cide cider cire cred cried de dei di dice dicer dich die dire drice ech ed edh eh er eric he heid heir her herd hi hic hid hide hider hie hied hire hired ice iced icer ich iched id ide ire ired re rec red reh rei rice riced rich rid ride

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