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February 14th, 2006: DEHISCE


Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: dehisceD dehisceS

Ana-hooks: cePheids chediTes chiseLed echOised Tedeschi

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: cePheid chedeRs chediTe cheesEd cheMise chesTed cheVied cheVies cheWies chideRs chieLds chiLdes chiNese decCies deceiTs deciDes deciLes deciMes decRies deiceRs deLices deVices diOcese diTches dUchies echOise eXcides eXcised heisTed heLices heRdics iNcedes Lichees scheMed seicheS seViche shieLed Techies

Extensions: dehisceNT dehisceNCE INdehisceNT dehisceNCES INdehisceNCES INdehisceNCE(S)

Sub-anagrams: cede cedes cedi cedis cee cees ch che chi chid chide chides chis cid cide cides cids cis de dee dees dei deice deices di dice dices dich die dies dis disc dish ech eche eched eches ed edh edhs ee eech eh ehed ehs eide es he heed heeds heid heids hes hi hic hid hide hides hie hied hies his ice iced ices ich iched iches ichs id ide idee idees ides ids is ish sec sed see seed sei seiche sh she shed shied si sic sice sich side

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