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January 21st, 2006: REFUSNIK

Definition: REFUSNIK*REFUSNIKS n a Soviet citizen who is refused permission to emigrate

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: refusnikS

Ana-hooks: refusEnik

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: fLunkers fLunkies fOreskin funkiesT Gunfires infuserS refusinG refusiOn reinfusE reskuinG snufFier sPunkier surfLike unifIers unsiCker

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ef efs eik eiks en ens er erf erk erks ern erns ers es euk euks feis fen feni fenis fenks fens fer fern ferns feu feus fie fier fike fikes fin fine finer finers fines fink finks fins fir fire fires firk firks firn firns firs fisk fries fris frise frisk fun funk funker funkers funkier funks funs fur furies furs fuse if ifs in infer infers infuse infuser ink inker inkers inks ins insure inure inures ire ires irk irks is iure kef kefir kefirs kefs keir keirs ken kens kerf kerfs kern kerns kief kiefs kier kiers kif kifs kin kine kines kins kir kirn kirns kirs knife knifer knifers knifes knur knurs kris kue kues kuri kuris ne nef nefs neif neifs nek neks nerk nerks neuk neuks nie nief niefs nies nife nifes nis nu nuke nukes nur nurs nurse nus re ref refs rei reif reifs reik reiks rein reink reinks reins reis ren rens res resin rif rife rifs rin rine rines rink rinks rins rinse rise risen risk rue rues ruin ruins run rune runes runs ruse rusine rusk sei seif seik seir sen ser serf serif serin serk si sien sieur (and 43 more)

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