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February 20th, 2005: THREAP


Anagrams: tephra teraph

Hooks: threapS

Ana-hooks: Chapter paNther patCher phatTer phOrate prehEat repatCh Sparthe tephraS therapY

'Typos': thread threat threep

Blana-grams: aethEr aNther arpeNt Bather Bertha Breath Carpet Charet Dearth Depart Drapet earthS earthY eMpart eNrapt eNtrap eparCh Father Gather haFter haLter haMper hapteN harpeD harpeR harteN haterS hatpeG hatreD hatTer heartH heartS heartY heatEr heparS hepCat heptaD herEat hYpate Lather paLter paNter pareNt parGet parteD parteR paSter paterA paterS patheD patTer patZer pearSt petarA petarD petarS petarY pethEr phareS phraSe phreaK pIrate pLater pOther prateD prateR prateS pratIe preaCh preaCt pretaX prOtea prUtah pterIa raChet raphAe rapheS ratheR rehEat repaSt repEat retapE rhapHe Seraph Shaper Sherpa Sparth Spathe Sphaer Sphear taMper taperS tapPer thaLer thaWer theNar thOrpe thraVe trapeD trapeS treFah trepaN Uprate Uptear Wreath

Extensions: threapED threapER threapIT threapERS threapING

Sub-anagrams: ae ah ape aper apert apt apter ar are aret art at ate ea ear earth eat eath eh epha er era et eta eth ha hae haet hap hare harp hart hat hate hater he heap hear heart heat hep hepar hept her het pa pah par pare part pat pate pater path pe pea pear peart peat peh per pert pet petar ph phare phat pht prat prate pre rah rap rape raphe rapt rat rate rath rathe re reap reh rep ret rhea ta tae tahr tap tape taper tar tare tarp te tea tear tehr tepa thae thar the thrae trap trape

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