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September 23rd, 2004: ACNODE

Definition: ACNODE*ACNODES n an element of a mathematical set that is isolated from the other elements

Anagrams: canoed deacon

Hooks: Tacnode acnodeS

Ana-hooks: acoRned ceLadon codeIna conGaed deaconS decaGon dRacone oceanId

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: acCend aeonIc ancoMe ancoNe anodeS anodIc aScend aToned Beacon cadenT candIe candLe candoR canNed canoeS canTed cedaRn cLoned cnIdae coaLed coaTed coaXed codeIa codeIn codenS coHead coIned coLead coMade condeR condIe conGed conKed conNed coRnea coRned cRaned daeMon danceD danceR danceS decanE decanI decanT docenT docKen donaTe doUane eaRcon encodE enodaL Lanced Loaden Loaned Moaned Modena nacRed nocaKe nocKed noMade noYade oceanS ocTane Peacod Ponced Ranced Second

Extensions: TacnodeS

Sub-anagrams: ace aced acne acned ad ado ae aeon an ance and ane anode cad cade can cane caned canoe cod coda code coden coed con cond cone coned da dace dae dan dance de dean deco den do doc doe doen don dona done ea ean ecad ecod ed en end eoan eon na nae ne ned no nod node oca ocean od oda ode odea oe on once one

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