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September 13th, 2004: ASTILBE

Definition: ASTILBE*ASTILBES n an Asian perennial

Anagrams: ableist albites bastile bestial blastie libates stabile

Hooks: astilbeS

Ana-hooks: albitIse balDiest balistAe balKiest balMiest bastileS bastilLe beastilY bestialS biMetals bistaBle blastieR blastieS ePiblast iNstable labiAtes laMbiest libRates listabLe satiAble seablitE sibIlate stabileS sUitable tablieRs tiMbales

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: abeliAs ablAtes ableisM abseilS aGilest aiGlets albeRts alibIes aPlites astAble asteliC baBiest baetYls baileEs baileRs baileYs bailIes baiteRs balDest balDies balistA balLets balLies baNties baPtise baRites basiNet bastiDe bastleS batisTe batleRs batleTs batliKe batTels batTles baWties beastiE beastlY belatEs besaiNt bestaiN bestilL betOils beWails bilLets bilsteD biMetal bistaTe bitaBle bitlesS blasteD blasteR blatesT bleWits blisteR blitZes blUiest bOatels bOaties bRistle Cablets Citable Details Diables Dilates Disable eastliN elastiC elastiN eMbails eNtails estiVal Faibles Fetials Gablets Giblets Halites Heliast isabelS isOlate labiAte labiseS labRets laCiest laitIes laKiest laMbies latiCes laZiest lesbiaN libateD libRate liGates liMbate Nailset Obelias Oblasti Oblates Paliest Patible Platies Realist Rebaits Retails Riblets saliCet salieNt saltieR saltieS saltiNe saltiRe sitUlae siZable sKiable slaiNte slatieR stableD stableR stableS staNiel stibBle stibIal sUblate sUbtile tabBies tableTs tablieR tabUlis taiGles taileRs tailLes tailYes taliPes talKies talLies teNails teRbias tHibles tiMbale tiMbals tRiable Waliest

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ab abet abets abies able ables ablest ablet ablets abs abseil absit ae ai ail ails ais aisle ait aits al alb albe albeit albite albs ale ales alist alit als alt alts as at ate ates ba bael baels bail bails bait baits bal bale bales bals bas base basil bast baste bastle bat bate bates bats be beast beat beats bel bels belt belts besat besit best bet beta betas bets bi bias bile biles bis bise bit bite bites bits blae blaes blaest blaise blase blast blat blate blats bleat bleats blest blet blets blist blite blites ea eas east eat eats el els elt elts es est et eta etas ilea is isabel isba isle islet istle it ita itas its la lab labis labs las lase last lat late lati lats lea leas least leat leats lei leis les lest let lets li lib libate libs lie lies lis list lit litas lite lites lits sab sabe sable sae sai sail sal sale salet salt saltie sat sate sati sea seal seat sei seil sel set seta setal si sial sib sile silt sit site slab slae slat slate slit st stab stable stale steal (and 47 more)

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