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September 10th, 2004: CONELRAD

Definition: CONELRAD*CONELRADS n a system of defense in the event of air attack

Anagrams: colander

Hooks: conelradS

Ana-hooks: cHlordane clanGored clarendoN clarIoned colanderS landForce

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: acroleIn aMelcorn ancHored Banderol Blancoed caldronS calendAr calendEr calendrY candlerS canoOdle carolLed carToned caUldron celadonS cHaldron cHandler cHlordan cHondral claMored coleadEr colInear colLared conaCred condOler condYlar cornlaNd cornMeal cranKled craYoned creolIan croPland crUnodal deaconrY draconeS encradlE endocarP endoSarc Falconer Foreland Ironclad ladroneS landrAce lecanorA lonIcera noVercal oleandEr ordnaNce oVerclad oVerland Ponderal rancoRed recoalEd reloanEd roManced rondacHe rondaVel Solander Unloader Urodelan

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aced acer acne acned acnode acold acorn acorned acre acred ad ado adore adorn ae aeon aero al alder aldern ale alec alod aloe aloed alone an ance ancle and ane anode anole ar arc arced arco ard are ared arle arled cad cade cadre caldron calo can candle candler candor cane caned caner canoe canoed car card care cared carl carle carn carol caroled cedar cedarn cel celadon ceorl cero clad clade clan claro clean clear clod clon clone cloned cloner coal coaled coaler cod coda code coden coder coed col cola cold colder cole colead coled con cond conder cone coned cor coral cord core cored corn cornea corneal corned cornel cradle cran crane craned cred credal credo crena crone da dace dae dal dale dan dance dancer dare darn darnel de deacon deal dean dear dearn decal deco decor del den dern do doc doe doen doer dol dolce dole don dona done dor dore dracone drole drone ea ean ear earcon eard earl earn ecad ecod ed el elan eland eld en end enlard enodal enol enrol eoan eon eorl er era ern la lac lace laced lacer lad lade laden lader ladron ladrone laer (and 137 more)

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