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June 27th, 2003: DEAIR

Definition: DEAIR*DEAIRED*DEAIRING*DEAIRS v to remove air from

Anagrams: aider aired irade redia

Hooks: deairS

Ana-hooks: aBider adMire aeriEd aiderS airTed arideR ariLed Caried daiKer deariE deraiL diaLer diaPer Faired Haired iradeS Laired Paired Pardie raideD raideR raiLed raiNed raiSed rediaE rediaL rediaS reLaid rePaid reSaid rOadie Tirade Uredia Varied Waired

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aBide aCred aCrid adDer adieU adOre aeriE aFire aideD aideS aiLed aiMed aiMer aireR aiVer aLder aMide arCed ardeB areiC arieL ariSe arMed arOid aSide aUrei aZide Barde Bared Beard Bider Braid Bread Bride Cadre Caird Cared Cedar Ceria Cider Cried dairY dareD dareR dareS dariC daTer dearS dearY deBar deraT deraY derMa deWar diarY diCer diKer diMer diNar diNer direR dirGe diVer draiL draiN draKe draPe draVe dreaD dreaM dreaR drieD drieR drieS driVe earEd eidEr eriCa Fader Fared Feria Fired Fried Grade Gride Hared Heard Hider Hired ideaL ideaS idLer iraTe irKed Jerid Lader Laird Liard Lidar Madre Media Mired Nadir Oared Oread Padre Padri Pardi Pared Pride Pried raBid raCed radiI radiO radiX raGed raidS raiSe raKed raMie raNid raPed raPid raRed raSed raTed raVed raXed raYed raZed readD readS readY reBid redaN rediD rediP reSid reTia riCed rideR rideS ridGe riLed riMed riPed riVed Serai Sired Tared Terai Tired Trade Tread Triad Tried Uraei Wader Wared Weird Wider Wired Wried Yaird Zaire

Extensions: deairED deairING

Sub-anagrams: ad ae ai aid aide air ar are arid dare de dear die dire ear ed er era id idea ire ired rad raid re read red rei ria rid ride

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