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June 9th, 2003: PICA

Definition: PICA*PICAS n a craving for unnatural food

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: Spica picaL picaS

Ana-hooks: aSpic caMpi capiZ capRi caRpi paNic pLica

'Typos': mica paca pice pick pics pika pima pina pipa pita

Blana-grams: acAi aciD aSci caDi caiD caiN caMi caMp capE capH capO capS caRp cHai cHap cHia cHip ciaO cLap cLip cRap cRip Epic Laic Lipa Nipa pacE pacK pacS pacT pacY paDi paiD paiK paiL paiN paiR paLi piaL piaN piaS pYic Spic

Extensions: ApicaL EpicaL SpicaE SpicaS picaRA picaRO ApicaLS EpicaRP SpicaTE TOpicaL TYpicaL picaCHO picaDOR picaNTE picaRAS picaROS ABApicaL ATYpicaL ApicaLLY EpicaLLY EpicaLYX EpicaRPS SpicaTED TOpicaLS TROpicaL picaCHOS picaDORS picaMAR# picaROON picaYUNE AUSpicaTE ETYpicaL# EpicaNTHI EpicaRDIA SUBApicaL TOpicaLLY TROpicaLS TYpicaLLY UNTYpicaL picaDILLO picaDORES picaMARS# picaNINNY picaRIAN# picaROONS picaYUNES ATYpicaLLY AUSpicaTED AUSpicaTES DESpicaBLE DESpicaBLY EpicaLYCES EpicaLYXES EpicaNTHUS EpicaRDIAL EpicaRDIUM MYOpicaLLY NONTYpicaL TOpicaLITY TROpicaLLY TYpicaLITY picaDILLOS picaRESQUE picaRIANS# picaROONED picaYUNISH ANTHROpicaL ATYpicaLITY AUSpicaTING ECTOpicaLLY EpicaNTHIC# EpicaRDIAC# GENOTYpicaL HARUSpicaL# NONTROpicaL PANTROpicaL SUBTROpicaL SUBTYpicaL# TROpicaLIZE TYpicaLNESS UNTYpicaLLY picaNINNIES picaRESQUES picaROONING ANTITYpicaL# ARCHETYpicaL ENTROpicaLLY HARUSpicaTE# HYPERTYpicaL ISOTOpicaLLY NEOTROpicaL$ ORTHOEpicaL# PERSpicaCITY PHENOTYpicaL POLYTYpicaL# PROTOTYpicaL SEMITROpicaL TOpicaLITIES TROpicaLISE# TROpicaLITY# (and 52 more)

Sub-anagrams: ai cap pa pac pi pia pic

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