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January 29th, 2003: SETT

Definition: SETT*SETTS n the burrow of a badger

Anagrams: stet test tets

Hooks: settS

Ana-hooks: Netts stAte steNt stetS tAste tAtes teAts teNts testA testS testY tetHs teXts tOtes tRets Yetts

'Typos': nett seat sect sent sept seta sets sext stet yett

Blana-grams: Ates Best Bets eAst eAts eFts eRst estS etAs etHs Fest Fets Gest Gets Hest Hets Jest Jets Lest Lets Nest Nets Pest Pets Rest Rets sAte sIte stAt steM steP steW steY stOt stYe sUet tAse tAte tAts teAs teAt teCs teDs teEs teGs teLs teNs teNt tetH teWs teXt tIes tIts tOes tOst tOte tOts tRes tRet tUts tYes Utes Vest Vets West Wets Zest

Extensions: settEE settER settLE BASsett CAsettE MUsettE ROsettE settEES settERS settING settLED settLER settLES settLOR ANIsettE BASsettS BEsettER CASsettE CAsettES FALsettO FOSsettE FRIsettE GRIsettE INsettED INsettER MUsettES NOIsettE REsettER REsettLE ROsettED ROsettES ROsettY# UNsettLE UPsettER WADsett# settINGS settLERS settLING settLORS AMUsettE# ANIsettES BASsettED BEsettERS BEsettING CASsettES FALsettOS FOSsettES FRIsettES GRIsettES INsettERS INsettING NOIsettES ONsettER# PINsettER POUSsettE PREsettLE REsettED# REsettERS REsettING REsettLED REsettLES UNsettING UNsettLED UNsettLES UPsettERS UPsettING WADsettED WADsettS# settERED# settLINGS AMUsettES# BASsettING BONEsettER CHEMIsettE COSsettED# CROSsettE# FILMsettER MISsettING OFFsettING ONsettERS# ONsettING# PACEsettER PINsettERS POINsettIA POUSsettED POUSsettES PREsettING PREsettLED PREsettLES REsettABLE REsettLING ROUSsettE# ROsettING# RUSsettING TYPEsettER UNsettLING WADsettER# WADsettING settERING# settLEABLE (and 75 more)

Sub-anagrams: es est et set te tes tet

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