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Software plays an increasing role in organized SCRABBLE® activities. NASPA's Web Committee offers web hosting space to software developers, and works with them to develop standards.

Game Analysis

developed by Jason Katz-Brown and John O'Laughlin, is the strongest SCRABBLE playing program in the world. It is used by many players for training, and to analyze their games to improve their future play.
developed by Brian Sheppard, is also a strong program, but was withdrawn from the market when its rights were sold to Hasbro. Sheppard continues to develop the program, a branch of which was available briefly from Hasbro in CD-ROM form.
developed by James Cherry, and used to provide game analyses to users of DOoM servers, is no longer available.

Word Judge (Software Self Lookup)

NASPA recommends that tournaments and clubs use laptops running word adjudication software to process challenges in competitive games. The following Software Self Lookup (SSL) programs were evaluated by the Technology Committee and are approved for use in club and tournament situations as noted below.

developed by Michael Thelen, is used at all major events, including the National SCRABBLE Championship, National School SCRABBLE Championship and Canadian National SCRABBLE Championship
Requirements: Windows or MAC
Acceptable for tournament and club play
developed by Mike Wolfberg
Requirements: Windows
Acceptable for tournament and club play
developed by John Babina
Requirements: Requires bootable floppy drive
Acceptable for tournament and club play
Lexpert (No longer available but previous versions exist)
developed by M.J. Ravichandran
Requirements: Windows, Windows CE
Acceptable for club play only

Tournament Management

Tournament management software decides which players play each other, and reports on their standings.

developed by John Chew, is used at all major events, including the National SCRABBLE Championship, National School SCRABBLE Championship and Canadian National SCRABBLE Championship. It has a very rich set of features, but most directors need some help at first learning to use it. tsh runs under OS/X, Linux, DOS and Windows.
developed by Jeff Widergren, formerly used at the National SCRABBLE Championship and still widely used in the United States. It has a limited set of features but is relatively easy to learn. TourneyMan requires Windows.
developed by RA Fontes, is also widely used in the United States but no longer distributed. TMENU requires DOS or Windows.