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The second edition of the Official Tournament and Club Word List (OTCWL2, also known as OWL2, or TWL2) was the official word reference for words of up to nine letters and their inflections from 2006–03–01 to 2015–04–09. The corresponding reference for longer words was the Long List.

It was modified in 2014 to include the word GEOCACHE and its inflections GEOCACHES, GEOCACHED, and GEOCACHING as a result of the 2014 SCRABBLE Word Showdown. The modified word list was referred to as OTCWL2.1, OWL2.1, or TWL2.1.

OTCWL2 was edited by the Dictionary Committee (whose wiki page goes into the lexicon’s history in greater detail), published by and exclusively available to NASPA members from Merriam-Webster.


Incorrectly omitted from OTCWL2: CRABAPPLE (p. 98), CRABAPPLES (p. 98), DEVELOPPES (p. 118), GODDAMNDEST (p. 186), MUNCHABLES (p. 279) and VIREONINES (p.485).

Incorrectly included in OTCWL2: CRABABBLE (p. 98), CRABABBLES (p. 98), GODAMNDEST (p. 186) and WEAPONEERED (p. 491).