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NASPA Zyzzyva Linux Installation

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NASPA Zyzzvya Release 3.1.0 is now available for download at www.zyzzyva.net.

The Linux package is a tarball that you can unpack to any location you prefer. It has been tested on Ubuntu "Trusty Tahr" and on Debian "wheezy" with an upgrade of the *libc6*library to "jessie" as required by one of the package dependencies.

The new version has a number of improvements over Version 3.0.3:

  • The definitions in the OTCWL2014 lexicon have been updated.
  • You will receive more helpful warnings and prompts when your NASPA Zyzzyva license needs reactivation or is nearing expiration.
  • You will receive a warning if NASPA Zyzzyva cannot load your preferred default lexicon. Users who went back and forth between NASPA Zyzzyva Version 3.0.3 and Zyzzyva 2.x have been frustrated by lexicons that do not load automatically as expected.
  • For club directors who want to ease members into the OTCWL2014 lexicon and who might want to make special allowances during the transition period, you now have the option for secondary adjudication in the Word Judge screen. Secondary adjudication allows users to see how the play would have been judged under OWL2.1. This option is not appropriate for tournament use.

Please use the Zyzzyva Facebook group or the naspa-zyzzyva Yahoo! Group to report issues and to communicate with other users and the author.