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Membership application

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NASPA Membership Application

No staples, please. Please complete this form typed or in black or blue ink and return it with your membership fee of $30 (US dollars only) to:

PO BOX 12115
DALLAS TX  75225-0115


How do you want to be listed on the NASPA rating list?_______________________________


City, State/Province_____________________________________________________________

Zip/Postal Code________________________________________________________________




Exact wording of your name on the NSA rating list:____________________________________

Old NSA player number:_______________NASPA number if already assigned:_____________

If you want to pay $50 instead of $30 you can pick a “vanity” player number. You can see the current member number at http://www.scrabbleplayers.org/w/Membership . If you want a “vanity number, please list it here:

Vanity number requested:___________________