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Director certification

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This page describes the director certification process for NASPA members who want to become certified as tournament and club directors for the first time. (Existing directors, please see the Directors page.)

The Tournament Committee and Club Committee set the certification criteria and oversee the certification process.

Implementation status

As of June 6, 2009, the implementation of the of the process is at the pilot stage. The new director's test, corresponding to the current Tournament rules and Director’s Manual, is in final review. Two applicants have completed the test by email. The Web Committee is working on the online test and the director database. The Tournament and Club committees are preparing the mentoring guidelines.

Certification process


Applicants must be NASPA members in good standing.

Director’s test

The test can be taken in two ways:

  • Online: This test is not available yet. The test will be paid for, taken, and graded online. There will be a 90-day window of time during which if a person does not score a passing grade the first time, there will be opportunity for two more tries. If a passing grade has not been accomplished within the 90-day period, there will be a waiting period before paying again and trying again. Whenever a passing grade has been accomplished, the prospective director will move to the next step. The online test will cost $25 USD initially.
  • By mail or email: The test can be ordered by ordering it from Mary Rhoades (PO Box 211993, Bedford, TX 76095). It can be taken at your leisure, within the same 90-day window as the online test, returned to Mary for grading and upon a passing grade, the prospective director will move to the next step. The mail test will cost $35 USD, a slightly higher fee to pay for manual processing. The email test will cost $25.


Age apprentice limitations:

  • Apprentices younger than 18 can only be allowed to direct a club as an apprentice club director preferably with their mentor having to be at the club site.
  • Apprentices who are 18-21 can be apprentice club and tournament directors. The mentor would be required to be physically present at the tournament site.
  • Apprentices who are 21+ can be apprentice club and tournament director, with mentors encouraged to be at the tournament site, but if not, available by phone during the tournament.

Upon passing the test, the applicant is granted apprentice director certification, and can codirect tournaments and/or clubs under supervision of a mentor if the age restrictions allow. At the discretion of the mentor, this supervision may take place in person or by telephone. Mentors must be fully certified directors; applicants may suggest their own mentors, or may ask to be assigned one.

When an apprentice's mentor feels that the apprentice is ready to direct tournaments alone, the mentor notifies NASPA, which grants applicant full director status. A "full director" certificate will be sent.