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Director Manual

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The Director’s Manual (DM) has been written as a resource and guide for club and tournament directors. Directors (and those wishing to become directors) are encouraged to review the manual for helpful advice, guidelines, and checklists for creating and running a successful club or tournament.

NOTE: The director's manual may lag behind the website when it comes to changes about policy, fees, and deadlines, so be sure to check the appropriate web pages on this site for the latest accurate information.

Please contact the Director’s Manual Committee for suggestions to improve the DM.

Current version

The current version of the Director’s Manual, dated 2011-09-29, is available as a pdf download. This edition has been updated to contain the latest tournament sanction requirements and deadlines, removes mention of a Club sanctioning fee, and fixes a few other minor things.

Previous versions

  • The 2011-08-07 edition updated tournament sanctioning requirements, added sections on handling Director Calls and Incidents, and expanded the "Director's Responsibilities" section.
  • The 2009-11-09 edition included mostly minor changes, primarily dealing with the transition from NSA to NASPA, with a few other corrections.
  • The last revision of the NSA’s Director’s Manual was published by the NSA Tournament Committee on August 13, 2008.