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2015 WESPA Invitational Masters

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WESPA announced in December 2014 that ASPA would be organising the first WESPA Championship in affiliation with WESPA. They included the following additional details in that announcement:

  • Venue: Gloucester Park, Perth, Australia
  • Dates: November 4-8, 2015
  • Qualifications: based on post-SCT 2013 numbers but expanded by some 50%
  • Open Division: there is sufficient space at the venue for one to take place parallel to the invitational event
  • Last Chance Qualifier: is likely to be held

The tentative name "WESPA Invitational Masters" was later changed to WESPA Championship, or WESPAC.

Players interested in representing Canada at this event should follow the procedure given in the 2015 WESPA Championship Canadian Qualification System.

Players interested in representing the United States at this event should follow the procedure given in the 2015 WESPA Championship US Qualification System.

Official results were posted at the ASPA website.