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Things to do in Dayton

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The following suggestions are courtesy of Willie Pitzer. Some of them are also shown on our map.

Blind Bob's Bar & Grill

If people would be interested, they'd be happy to host anagrams/speed scrabble, etc. tournaments on Sunday night, with some sort of prize to the winner. There's the possibility of a good 60s cover band on Sunday if enough are interested.

The owner of Blind Bob's are the parents of Thomas Adams' girlfriend and are very interested in helping us enjoy Dayton, and if anyone else has suggestions that'd be much appreciated. Just contact Thomas thomasjessenadams@yahoo.com for more information, or to let him know if you are interested in some of these suggestions.

Fraze Pavilion

We have a wonderful outdoor venue in a suburb of Dayton in Kettering, Ohio called The Fraze Pavilion,
about 15-20 minutes from the Convention Center.

Tuesday Aug. 4th Joan Baez is playing at 8PM. If you aren't doing Frank Tangredi's play or reading you might want
to get tickets. They are still available. For those too young to remember, or those of us too old to retrieve the memories
from back then, Joan Baez marched on the front lines of the civil rights movement with Martin Luther King Jr. and at
another point stood with Nelson Mandela. I just recently saw her at Pete Seeger's 90th birthday party. She's still going strong,
you old hippies and peace activators. You can pull up the info at Fraze.Tickets available through
Ticketmaster 1-800-745-3000. $20 lawn and terrace seats and $25 for Plaza and Orchestra.

You will also note that the Heroes of Woodstock are there on Sunday Aug. 2nd. However it starts at 6:30
so players might miss some of it getting there. This features Jefferson Starship, John Sebastian from the Lovin' Spoonful,
Big Brother & the Holding Company minus Janis Joplin of course, Country Joe McDonald, and Tom Constanten from the Grateful Dead.

This venue has a large fountain/waterpool outside and is a park as well. Many people, if they can't afford tickets
or the concert is sold out just sit outside and listen. This is permissible. Umbrellas are not allowed. You are not allowed
to bring in your own drinks and they DO check purses and bags. No cameras. You can order box suppers ahead of time and beer,
wine, water and coffee are served as well as hot dogs, ice cream, pizza and pretzels without prior orders.

If you plan to order tickets for the Fraze be sure and ask for the free parking pass.
We have discovered that for some reason Ticketmaster doesn't automatically offer them and they are available!

Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum

Dayton has the fifth oldest Cemetery and Arboretum in the US., Woodland, founded in 1841.

On this site there there are many pictures of the ponds, its beauty, section on how to do gravestone rubbings etc.
Those bringing children to Dayton will find this to be quite an historical, learning experience for them. The gateway
and chapel office are on the National Registry for Historical Places. There are 200 acres of over 3,000 magnificent trees,
flowers, birds and grave sites of many famous people.

The Wright Brothers were buried here along with Erma Bombeck, previous syndicated writer and columnist of humor,
Paul Lawrence Dubar, Afro-American poet, many founders of industry in the Dayton area such as Mead, NCR and Huffy from
Huffy bicycles.etc.

You can enter and tour on your own or stop at the office and pick up headphones for a self guided tour
between the hours of 8 A.M.-3 P.M. Unfortunately their formal guided tour is the Wed after our tournament.
They also have a contact person for a car driven tour for the handicapped, inclement weather tours and groups tours.
Contact Debra Mescher 937-228-3221. Some trees were damaged last fall when the landlocked state of Ohio,
most unusually got hit with the tail end of Hurricane Ike and lost electricity for up to 5 weeks for some.
Willis has not been back since storm damage but you can Google it and look at how some of the big trees split.

She spent time doing grave rubbings with her son's Montessori class one year. It really is a lovely area.
There is a civil war area with a cannon etc. It is a rather large area so downloading the map and lot numbers
and where you might be most interested in visiting will help.

There is now a Mausoleum you can walk into and many ponds with ducks and wildlife. It abuts The University of Dayton,
which ironically is where the son Willie took to the cemetery, now works. Those arriving early for registration
could grab a cab or drive to Woodlawn, a short 10 minute drive. Family members who are not playing and enjoy beauty
might want to attend.

Hawthorne Hill Home

This is another National Historic Landmark, built in 1914, that players or family can visit. During the 2007 Player's
Championship, negotiations were still underway with the posh suburb of Oakwood, as to how to open the home but satisfy the
community so there would be no additional traffic, parking near the home etc. The historical organization agreed
to sell the tickets and take tourists by van from Carillon Park across from the Marriott where many of you are staying.
The van will drive by many lovely large homes in the Oakwood area on the way to Hawthorne Hill. They will give you the
history of the NCR park which is also reopening this summer and the NCR's Sugar Camp that originally was a tent camp in 1884
that the founder of NCR (National Cash Registry), John Patterson, used to cover up some work that the women of war times
were doing that was actually part of the code breaking that NCR is known for. These developed into 60 cabins that NCR
used for training housing.

You now have the opportunity for just $12 to see the home where Orville, Katherine and their father lived and what was
supposed to be Wilbur's home but he was deceased before the completion of the home. He died in 1912 of Typhoid Fever at
age 45. The Dayton flood of 1913 delayed the finishing of this home.

Willie took this tour recently. NCR bought and used it for many years and the kitchen is the only area you don't get
to tour since it was totally modernized for the convenience of NCR to house guests.

In the rest of the house they have large photos of the original rooms to compare to today and one room, the den, is
set up with Wilbur's original chair that he created like a lazy boy to offset an injury he had incurred. Many pieces
of furniture, are the original and overall it is gorgeous! If you get a guide as dedicated and full of knowledge as she did,
you will feel the life style and dynamics of the Wright family, including the number of weddings held there, the famous
people such as Howard Hughes who have stayed there and more. The Wright brothers, as you may know, had many inventions
and the central vacuuming was one. The tour guide had a funny story to share about the maid and the vacuum.

Ordinarily this tour only occurs on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Reservations are required. 937-293-2841. This fits if
you are a family member not playing SCRABBLE. Go ahead and make your own reservations. Soon! The van only holds 10.
Also for $15 your tour can include Carillon Park as well, a museum in itself.

However, the timing doesn't work for the SCRABBLE players. With prior notice and reservations they will make exceptions.
I am willing to make arrangements for a group to go if there is enough interest. Please contact Willie privately at
wswankpitzer@woh.rr.com and she will see if we can pretty much fill a van.
While waiting for the van, the inside of the admissions office has 2 different films going about the flood of Dayton,
history of aviation etc.

Please contact Willie as soon as possible if you want to tour after playing hours, the day of registration or after
play on Wednesday or if your flight leaves on Thursday or you are just staying in the Dayton area.
It is well worth the money.

It's worth just sitting and watching those. Also the cafe that anyone can go to by just entering the park (no fee)
is called "CULPS" has the original recipes of a restaurant that used to be in downtown Dayton in the 1930's and 40's.
They have a long mural on the wall showing a scene of the original restaurant from back in WWII and is modeled
with a counter and stools etc. besides tables. You can also eat on a patio. Food is reasonably priced. They have soups,
sandwiches and salads, hamburgers etc. The desserts are the original recipes. The menu itself is another historical lesson.
Open 7 days a week 11-3 PM.

Sunwatch Indian Village/Archaelogical park

The Sunwatch Indian Village/Archaelogical Park is the actual archaelogical site of the
prehistoric Fort Ancient 800 years ago. Located at (2301) West River Rd, Dayton it is located past UD's Arena and across
the river from the Marriott.

There is an on-site interpretive center with films and replicas of houses and the stockade. It has been nominated as
a National Historic Landmark as well. You get to see many items they have found in their digs such as shells used
as tools and bowls, etc.

Closed Mondays. Open 9-5 Tuesday through Sat and 12-5 on Sunday. It's a bargain with Adults $5, Senior citizens 60 and up
just $3.00. Children $3.00 ages 5 and under free.
Pull up their site and print a 2 for 1 coupon.

Very educational if you bring your children. Willie attended this years ago when her children were younger. Well worth the visit!

Wegerzyn's Garden Center & Children's Discovery Garden

Located at 1301 E. Siebenthaler Ave. in Dayton. Wegerzyn's Garden Center and Children's Discovery Garden .

Free admission and free parking at a beautiful garden which is now part
of the Five Metro Parks. They have added a great Children's Discovery Garden. Willie took her 4 year old granddaughter
before the water portion opened. This is a hands on garden where children get to water plants, play in sandboxes,
walk through a cave, play musical instruments at the corners of a hedge maze, pond with koi and other fish, playhouse
and water play.

Greater Mt. Nebo Missionary Baptist Church

Greater Mt. Nebo Missionary Baptist Church's Afro-American Museum and Social Assembly Hall. This has taken 3 years and
has been a dream of the Rev. Walter Dunson, Sr. It is built in a pyramid shape that replicates an African hut. It is
adjacent to the church at 150 Colgate Ave. in Dayton. Covered are histories of James H. McGee, the first Black and
longest-serving mayor of Dayton. Tyree Bloomfield the city's first Black police, and Don Crawford Dayton's first
African-American commissioner. The theme is to provide information on the advancement made in Dayton to narrowing the
racial divide. Pastor Dunson founded his church 54 years ago. He has been active in the civil rights movements.
Visiting the museum is FREE but by appointment only. Call Theresa Blake at 937-835-507 or 603-1732.

Splash Moraine Wave Pool and 8 acres Park

Fun in the water at Splash Moraine is a suburb of Dayton and is located
off I-75. Some even list it as a Dayton address. 3800 Main St. Moraine.

Rent a tube and float the lazy river or ride the two 25' tube slides. 20,000 square-foot wave pool, kiddie area
with water spouts and dry areas for sand volleyball, tether ball and basketball.

Very reasonably priced. Youth $7.50 Adults $9 and over 60 $8. Hours 11 AM to 8 PM daily!!!!!

J. Seward Johnson, Jr's Sculptor's statues

These sculptures have returned to Dayton! For those of you that attended the 2007 Player's Championship, you may remember
the life-sized statues throughout the city that looked so real you really thought a man was standing waiting for the bus
while reading a newspaper, walking a dog, window-washing, etc.

Different ones have returned to the city. One near 5th & 3rd Dayton Dragons Baseball field is a man fishing in one of the
canal areas, fishing pole, creel fish and all, another is 2 people in tennis outfits with their tennis rackets near the
Downtown Dayton Library. You can view a few at http://www.sewardjohnson.com/site/index.html (click on "View the Collections"
and then on "Man on the Street", "Icons" and "Beyond the frame").

Maps for their locations are available at Courthouse square where there is an extra statue that is more than life-sized
and at Riverscape. Worth asking at the Convention Center I bet they could come up with locations as well.

Packard Museum

This Packard Museum is "the world's only restored Packard Dealership operating
as a museum and only factory museum dedicated exclusively to the Packard Motor Company, its products & philosophies".
It is in the original building built in 1917 and became a museum in 1992. There are over 50 cars. Car Collector's Magazine
describes it in the top 10 museums in car collections and it won the prestigious James J. Brady Award.
Open Mon-Friday 12-5 P.M. and Sat & Sunday 1-5 P.M. Address is 420 S. Ludlow St., a brisk walk from the convention center.

Laser, Light & Music Shows Riverscape

Every night (weather permitting) that our SCRABBLE family will be here, there will be laser shows featuring laser images
choreographed to music from oldies to classical and rock-n-roll at Riverscape, 111 E, Monument Ave. This is displayed
with spraying & lit fountains. Walkable from the Convention Center but not for those not in shape or having health issues.
Take a cab. They start at 10 P.M. and only last 15 minutes Thursday and Friday nights and 9:30 - 9:45 Saturday-Wednesday.

There is a second showing if the Dayton Dragons are playing a home game that night. They definitely are playing Tuesday
and 15 of you have a chance to get tickets to the game in the City of Dayton suite via Lois Greene as previously posted.
This is a great opportunity to see the Cincinnati Reds summer league, The Dayton Dragons. Their schedule shows home games
all the time scrabble players are here, thus 2 opportunities per night to see the laser show. Sadly you are missing a
great concert at the field by Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson July 10th. I am so bummed that I will be at
a wedding in Vermont or I'd be going! I can remember a New York City friend commenting that I seem to have so many
opportunities for concerts in the area and it is true! Fraze Pavilion, Schuster Center downtown Dayton, college arenas
and nearby cities, Cincy, Springfield and Columbus. Back to Riverscape which abuts 5/3rd Field.

There are some riverside benches and seats as well as grassed banks, walls and steps to sit on during the laser show.
There are also spraying fountains and sculptures, flowers etc at the Riverscape Plaza itself. Little snack stand. They hold
festivals & concerts there throughout the summer and fall and it turns into a skating rink in the winter. There are paddle
boats to rent and paddle the river.

Thursday, July 30, it is a big-band orchestra night 7:30-9:30 with the Eddie Brookshire Orchestra.
Saturday, August 1, from 7:30-9:30 P.M. is 24Seven, a local group who
perform a mixture of oldies, country and rock.
These events are all FREE!

NCR Old River Park/Dayton & Carillon Park & Museum

This 33 acre park has just reopened. It is near those of you staying at the Marriot between South Main Street and
Patterson Blvd. Although it no longer has what was one of the largest pools in this area if not a larger region, it still
has a mile and half lagoon. You can rent canoes for $5 an hour. There is a minature golf course, concession stands, picnic
shelters, giant chess boards etc.. Pick up tickets at Carillon Historical Park by the Carillon Bells across from the Marriot.
Park admission includes the NCR park but also the admission to see all of the historical Carillon Park. The Carillon park
holds the largest Carillon's(bells) in Ohio. The 65 acre park itself along the Great Miami RIver houses 20 exhibits. One is
Dayton's oldest standing building Newcom's tavern, a working printing press shop, a plush, original parlor car (Train)of 1903
that certain Presidents rode on and I can't recall which. Antique automobiles, The Wright Flyer III. Every Sunday a Carilloneur
plays the bells. A really special sunrise service occurs on Easter Sunday. Sorry you missed it. The NCR Park is only open
Friday Saturdays and Sunday 10 AM to 8PM. The Carillon Park you can enter free to see the bells and if you want to eat at the
Culp Cafe which I borught up before with a mural wall of its time in downtown Dayton and similar recipes. The museum itself
is open Mon-Sat. 9:30-5 and Sunday 12-5PM. Just stepping inside the Kettering Education Center where the tickets are sold has
some interesting films of the flood of 1913 etc. There is also a museum store. None of this costs. You pay only once you
decide to see the museum itself, use the old NCR Park or visit Hawthorne Hill, the Wright Brother's home. If you are just
delaying making plans for when you or you and your family are here be sure and let me know as soon as possible in order
for me to have time to make the arrangements.

USA Wakeboard Nat'l Championship/Dayton

At the same time as our National SCRABBLE Championship, Thursday July 30th -Sun. Aug 2, 9 AM-6 PM the USA wakeboard Championship
is being held at Eastwood Lake, part of the Eastwood Metroparks area 1401 Harshman Road Dayton. The first rounds of the NCAA
basketball games at the UD Arena with ESPN coverage, National Scrabble Tournaments, USA National Wakeboard Championship,
Pro Golf tournaments on the NCR Golf Course, and many other happenings. Bell ringers, gymnastics, Color Guard / Flag twirler
compettions, drum and bugle Corps competitions etc. Dayton more fun than you think!

Wright Patterson Military Aviation Museum

The U.S. Air Force Museum is one of the most popular attractions in Dayton.

The Peace Treaty to end the long Bosnia War was negotiated at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in November 1995 under the
administration of Bill Clinton. Final signing actually happened in Paris.

You now have the opportunity to see 9 different Presidential Planes by going to the Museum and showing "a valid ID"
and then being shuttled to the Air Force Base itself. This is FREE. The museum is free! Parking is free! Last time
some of the hotels were willing to shuttle our guests out there, so those of you who might have already gone to the
museum have new opportunities. The staff warned Willie that the shuttle fills fast!

You can actually go into some of the planes. One is the plane that the body of JFK was transported in.

The Museum itself is the "World's Largest and Oldest Military Aviation Museum". If you think planes and the 400 aerospace
vehicles, including a space capsule rescued out of the ocean after landing, that are on exhibit aren't your cup of tea,
there are other interesting exhibits. The Bob Hope exhibit with his USO Tours information, his golf history and of
course his show is now a permanent exhibit at the museum.

The Holocaust exhibit is also now permanent. Although only a small portion of this large museum, it is very moving
to see an accordion that a young boy at the time hid in his attic before his family was taken away. He was able to
retrieve at a later point with other donated items to the museum.

The Wright Brothers' wind tunnel from 1901 is on exhibit. An atomic bomb has been restored and returned to the museum
from Albuquerque. This June 6th was the 65th anniversary of D-Day. A trip to this museum can give you so much history on
women's roles in the war.

Open 7 days a week 9-5. The Imax theatre is open later. Shows for the I-Max are "Space Station" at 11 & 3 P.M. "Fighter Pilot"
at 12, 2, & 4, "Magic of Flight" at 10 & 1, "Coral Reef Adventure" at 5 & 7, "Mystery of the Nile" at 6 P.M.

Prices are $6.50, seniors 60+ $6.00, student $4.75, children 3-7 $3.50, and children under 3 free. Remember this is I-Max only.

Museum inside and outside is free. There are many planes and interesting craft outside as well, The Hanoi Taxi used during
the Viet Nam War, for one. This can be an all-day tour. It is located in 3 large hangars.

Dayton Art Institute 90th yr. Celebration

Curators throughout the state have evaluated the Dayton Art Institute's permanent and self owned treasures and picked the 90 most valuable, rarer or unusual in honor of their 90th anniversary. Thus the Museum has these 90 items all displayed in one area. This is above and beyond their other displays. Cellphones are needed to listen to the program versus headphones but you can always just view the items.

The Art Museum is FREE! Parking is free. 456 Belmonte Park North just across the river from downtown.

The architectural beauty of the building alone is worth seeing, and the Victoria theatre's architecture is outstanding. During the PC07, some SCRABBLE player's family members commented on the architectural qualities of some downtown buildings. Another player loved the Victoria Theatre.

Dayton's Downtown Arcade has been purchased and is going to be renovated but not in time for this tournament.

Outside, which you can see if you walk left out of the convention center, turn right on Main and left on 3rd, you'll find the historic Courthouse. The Dayton Arcade buildings are a half-block to the left (west) along 3rd. You may have seen this outside picture as this building was up for sale on Ebay.

Besides the 90th celebration items there is a special exhibit-The Harold Shaw Pre-Columbian Collection.

This museum is dealing with the difficult economy as are so many businesses throughout Dayton and the country in general. They have had to cut back. But to this point this museum has provided some great exhibits. They housed Princess Diana's Legacy which had over 150 dresses, jewelry, photos and the many albums of sympathy notes after her death for about a 6 month period before it was returned to England. Borrowed from the Althorp estate It's possible DAI had the only US exhibit. 120,000 people attended this exhibit.They had Linda McCarthy's Paul McCarthy's wife's art exhibit after her death to breast cancer. 104,000 people attended Chihuly's blown glass exhibit, The Chinese underground statues drew 111,000 visitors from all 50 states and 20 foreign countries, Edgar Degas art exhibit drew 84,000, the Chrysler Collection of French Paintings drew 56,000 years back.

Closed Mondays. If you are arriving Thursday it is open until 8 PM. T, W, Fri, Sat, Sunday 10-4. Besides all the treasures the museum has, there is a gift store and a posh Cafe Monet with soups, salads and sandwiches.

Boonshoft Museum of Discovery/Dayton (children's)

The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery started 100 years ago as the Dayton Society of Natural History. Wilma's boys spent weeks at a time in the summer attending educational programs. Her oldest liked feeding the river otter and the snakes best. Her youngest liked when they went to the rivers and searched for fossils. Trilobites are Ohio's state fossils. The Museum is a hands on accredited zoo, planetarium, has an observatory, interactive science projects etc.

The current feature which will still be here when SCRABBLE players arrive, is a presentation of Dragons, myth and the fine line between fantasy and reality. She highly recommends this museum for children accompanying SCRABBLE family members. Check times for planetarium shows.

Open Mon-Sat. 9-5 Sun. 12-5. Adults $8.50, seniors $7.50 children under 2 free, children 2-12 $7.50 Address: 2600 DeWeese Parkway, Dayton.

British Car Day

FREE! British Car Day features over 325 British Cars, vendors and a swap meet. Presented by MG Car Club, Miami Valley Triumph and SW Ohio Centre. Saturday, August 1, 9 A.M.-5 P.M. Eastwood MetroPark, 1358 Harshman Road

Butterfly Festival

FREE! A walk among magnificent butterflies and moths in all stages of metamorphosis inside one of Ohio's butterfly houses. Children's activities and educational opportunities as well as a dunk tank. Time Warner Cable is also sponsoring a "discover and grow" at the same location with education on how to provide habitats for butterflies. You can mix a pollinator seed mix to take home. Cox Arboretum Metropark, 6733 Springboro Pike 11:00 A.M. - 7 P.M. Saturday and 11 A.M.-5 P.M. Sunday.

Wright Cycle Company Complex

FREE! Wright Cycle Company Complex includes the Wright Cycle Company building, the Wright-Dunbar Interpretive Center and the Aviation Trail Visitor Center and Museum. The Hoover block (now called the Wright-Dunbar Interpretive Center), built in 1890 on the corner of West Third and South Williams Streets in Dayton, Ohio, was not only the location of a Wright brothers' printing shop, but it is one of only two properties intact today associated with the brothers' printing careers. The other property associated with the Wright brothers' early careers is the two-story brick structure known as The Wright Cycle Company building located at 22 South Williams Street. In their Dayton bicycle shops these two men, self-trained in the science and art of aviation, researched and built the world's first power-driven, heavier-than-air machine capable of free, controlled, and sustained flight. Open daily 8:30-6:00 P.M.

Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm

Visit Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm, a 350-acre nature sanctuary and organic farm featuring 2 discovery rooms with dozens of interactive displays, six thematic classrooms, 2 observation areas and 6 miles of walking trails 1000 Aullwood Road near the airport. There is also a wonderful flower garden attached to this area with a pond, bird watching and whatever is left of the flowers. This is quite a peaceful place. Warning! Don't disturb the bird-watchers; they are serious people! Also don't miss the tree with the marking of how high the 1913 flood went on your right. Entry off the Englewood Dam down in the park. 1000 Aullwood Rd. (farm 9101 Frederick Pike) +1 937 890 7360. $4 adults and $2 children 2-18.

Indiana Riverboats

Indiana river boats are 1-1/2 hours away to the west. The Argosy has just been fully remodeled and has recently reopened under the name Hollywood Casino. That is closest on the river and then there is the Grand Victoria and finally the furthest away is Belle Terra. All have hotels, golf courses, restaurants etc. They no longer have to leave the shore to allow gamblers on so you don't get the riverboat ride.

Kilkare Motor Speedway

Kilkare Motor Speedway is in Xenia, Ohio and only 15 minutes from the convention center. 1166 Dayton-Xenia Rd, Xenia, Ohio. There is a NASCAR race at 6 PM Friday July 31st. Adults $10, ages 12-15 $5 and under 12 free.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland is a must. It is a 3 hour ride up and back and you need 3-4 hours to get see the whole museum, so it is an all-day adventure. See the building that I.M. Pei designed sitting on the lake. The current major exhibit is Woodstock's 40th anniversary. See films with the history of how rock and roll got started, Motown, the history of the number of inductees to the museum, Jethro Tull's flute, Jimmy Hendrix's guitar along with many other musicians and much more. $22 adults, $17 for senior citizens, $13 for kids over 8 and under free. Open Wed and Saturday 10 A.M.-9 P.M. and other days 10 A.M.-5:30 P.M.

King's Island Theme Park

King's Island is located between Dayton and Cincinnati. If you have never been able to afford Disney or just want a smaller version, if you are a roller coaster buff or if you just want a big variety of entertainment, King's Island is it. It has The Beast, which is the LONGEST wooden roller Coaster in the WORLD!!!! THe newest roller coaster opened just this year is the Diamondback. There are 15 roller coasters; another wooden roller coaster is called The Racer. If rollercoasters are not your thing, there is a Nickelodeon for children with smaller rides. There is a 15 acre water Park (Boomerang Bay) with 50 water related activities. The park itself has log rides, tube rides where you don't have to wear bathing suits but you may get wet. There is a large center fountain with water that moves to music and is lit up at night. There are nightly fireworks, a large replica of the Eiffel Tower, shows and entertainment. Other rides are Drop Tower, Inverting Delirium, Firehawk, White Water Canyon and a working steam engine ride. August 1st is their "Midnight Saturday" where the park is open until midnight. Normal hours are 10-10 except the waterpark, which is 11-7. Tickets online are $32.99, seniors $29.99, reduced starlight hours 5-10 P.M. The National Karoake Championship will take place the day after the NSC. It is free with admission to park.

Ohio State Fair

The Ohio State Fair is running July 29-August 9 in Columbus, Ohio, about an hour from Dayton. The Ohio State Fair is one of the largest and longest-lasting state fairs. This is its 159th year! They did not have one from 1942-1945 due to the war and they allowed the grounds to be used for making ammunition, etc. They were the first fair to have electricity in 1896. It is known for the butter sculpture that are made with 1,500 pounds of butter. Each year there is always a cow and calf sculpture, but then a surprise such as the Wright Brothers one year. There is a skyride that goes over the midway. Many of the shows have people from American Idol this year. Previous years they have had oldies groups, country and western singers and a variety of others. Some shows are free. Other have an admission fee. There are agricultural exhibits, boxing, antiques, midway, animal displays and competition, bands and more. Only $10 for adult admission, $5 for 11 to 15 and under 11 free. If you've never experienced a county fair, this is your chance!

Young's Dairy

Willie overheard a fellow SCRABBLE player say she can't wait to get back to Young's Dairy for homemade ice cream. It is at 6889 Springfield-Xenia Rd., Yellow Springs, Ohio, only 30 minutes from the Convention Center. It is a working dairy farm/restaurant/bakery/minature golf/driving range and petting zoo. Watch out for those goats! They can get aggressive! But most important is their homemade ice cream. It is delicious! Saturday, Aug 1, is their 8th Antique/Vintage Truck Show as well so it may be more crowded than usual. While you are so close to Yellow Springs you might as well visit the small, rather posh hippy community. Buy beads or flowers from people's front porches and enjoy delightful restaurants and shops.

Glen Helen Nature Reserve/Clifton Gorge/John Bryan State Park

While you are at Yellow Springs, don't miss going to The John Bryan State Park area where there is a lovely gorge, rock climbing, trail hiking and the Glen Helen Nature Center, Willie used to rock climb the wall but those days are over. It is a 30 minute drive from Dayton.

Newport Aquarium/Jellyfish Exhibit

The Newport Aquarium is hosting the "largest jellyfish exhibit in the Midwest". There are giant see-through tanks that you can walk around and a new interactive tank where you can make the jellies change colors. There is also a giant wall where you can play tag with moon jellies, areas where you can actually touch sharks the right way, a theatre with tank and divers right in the tanks with the sharks, a theater for watching the feeding of the otters, and aviary, a penguin exhibit. You can be walking and the sharks swim over you in as they circle the tanks. This aquarium is VERY impressive. Willie took her granddaughter before this jellyfish exhibit, however. It is two minutes from downtown Cincinnati, over the bridge into Newport, Kentucky. Allow about an hour from Dayton straight down I-75.

Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Festival/Disc Golf

Ever been to a Catholic church festival? This festival at Our Lady of Immaculate Conception is a fund-raiser. You don't have to be Catholic to attend and no religious campaigning goes on. FREE! This one is one of Willie's favorites with a large indoor flea market, bingo, chuck-a-luck, 21 and other gambling games plus all the festival rides and games. Festival food and beer, beer and more beer. 2300 S. Smithville Rd Dayton, Ohio. 7-11 P.M. July 31, 1 P.M.-11 P.M. August 1, and 12 noon to 10 P.M. August 2.

  • Added by Joe South: And if you turn left on the road beside the church (Highridge Ave.), there is a nice place to play disc golf behind the church called Belmont Park. There are 18 holes, hills, no water hazards, a good mix of short and long holes, and it is free! A full round is 1.5-2 hours.

Dayton Polish Summer Festival

Sunday, August 2-Enjoy a live polka band, dance drink beer, games and food. Music starts at 5 P.M. 3690 Needmore Rd. 3-9 P.M.

Wiley's Comedy Niteclub

Wiley's Comedy Niteclub is in the Oregon district, just down from the Convention Center off Brown Street. It houses Ohio's oldest and Dayton's first Comedy Club. July 30-August 1 they are featuring Bernie Lubbers and Jason Kanter. It's $5 Thursday at 8 P.M., $10 Friday at 9 P.M., and two $12 Saturday shows at 8 P.M. & 10:30P.M. Sunday is the Open Mic at 8 P.M. for $5. So to offset the stress of playing Scrabble or if you just like a laugh, walk right out of the convention center to Brown Street, cross over to the left-hand side and walk up Pine Street to 101 Pine St. Reservations 937-224-JOKE. You can even try your own stand-up comedy routine on open Mic night, Sunday night!

There's a strong possibility that there was be a representative of the Ohio District Business Association will be at the convention center on Friday, registration day, taking reservations for a package deal: the comedy club and a restaurant. Check it out!

Funny Bones Comedy Club

Funny Bones Willie says she hasn't discussed the Green and although the Comedy Club says Dayton, Ohio it is really in Greene County and thus Beavercreek. The Green is a Village in itself with its own movie theatre, restaurants, book store J.Jill, Coldwater Creek and many other stores. This comedy club features Bert Kreischer, who was once nominated by the Rolling Stone Magazine as the "#1 Party Animal". He will be there Thursday, 7:30 P.M., Friday, 7:30 and 10 P.M., Saturday, 2:30, 7:30 and 10:00 P.M. and Sunday. 7:30 P.M.. Must be 21!!!! This is about a half hour drive. Not sure how much a cab ride would cost but anyone interested should ask the taxi cab company how much to the Green? 88 Plum St. The Green.

Farmers Markets

Per request of a few scrabble players. Here is info on places to get fresh fruit and veggies. There is a CVS drugstore for other snacks on Ludlow 1 block west of Main Street and 3 blocks north of 5th Street.

National City 2nd Street Market 600 E 2nd Street Dayton, Ohio 45402 (937) 228-2088

Mapquest says it is .85 miles from the Convention Center (DCC). Go left out of Crowne Plaza (right out of DCC) which would be 5th Street, then left or North on Patterson then right or East on E 2nd Street.

  • Open Year-Round
  • Thursday & Friday 11:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M. (Limited shops and vendors are there Thurs-Fri)
  • Saturday 8:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M. (Absolutely the best time to go for fresh fruits and vegetables)

Farmers Market at Courthouse Square on Mondays from noon-4 P.M. The website only has the July calendar listed. Willie assumes the farmers market will continue through August. Courthouse Square is only about 3 blocks from DCC.

Wright B Flyer Museum

Wright B Flyer Museum, 10550 Springboro Pike, Miami Township south past Dayton Mall. It features the flying 911 Wright B Flyer. Early Wright Brothers-type orientation flights are advertised as available for the public. View the nearly complete new model of the Wright B Flyer. 9 A.M.- 2:30 P.M. Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday at the Wright Brothers Airport. 937-885-2327.

Rare Malaysian Tigers at Cincinnati Zoo

Four rare Malaysian tiger cubs were born March 21st and are now on exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo. It is estimated that there are fewer than 1,000 wild Malaysian tigers at this time. They are found on the southern tip of Thailand and peninsular Malaysia.

Jazz Central

Jazz Central 2931 E. Third Street. Tickets are $8 at Gem City Records and $10 at the door. Sunday night at 8 P.M. Lincoln Berry will play the Hammond organ with guitarist Cameron Voorhees and vocalist Beverly Jackson. This is not too far from the Convention Center.

Dayton Calendar of Events

Check out the Dayton Calendar of Events for Dayton happenings during the week we are in town.