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Official Tournament and Club Word List 2016 Edition

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The Official Tournament and Club Word List (2016 Edition) (OTCWL2016) is a minor new update to the Official Tournament and Club Word List, and on the official lexicon governing competitive play in the United States and Canada beginning September 1, 2016.

Where to Get It

Print Edition

For licensing reasons, this book is a members-only publication, available only through the NASPA Store.

Electronic Editions

NASPA members may use the free word study and adjudication tool, NASPA Zyzzyva, to access a licensed electronic copy of this word list. OTCWL2016 is included beginning with NASPA Zyzzyva version 3.1.0.

NASPA Zyzzyva is available for download to Windows and Mac machines at the NASPA Zyzzyva download site, which includes download and installation instructions.


The two words QUIVERFULS and QUIVERSFUL were erroneously omitted from the printed edition, but can be found correctly in electronic editions.

Effective Date

The Advisory Board has determined that this edition will take effect on September 1st, 2016.


As soon as OTCWL2014 went to press, the Dictionary Committee began reviewing the longer words that had been proposed for inclusion in that edition, but omitted due to time constraints.

This edition, whose contents were researched entirely by the DC, then carefully reviewed but not altered by Merriam-Webster editorial staff, includes new nine-letter words drawn from the Canadian Oxford Dictionary (2nd edition), and the inflections of those nine-letter words.


This edition includes 1,106 new words: 536 nine-letter words, 424 ten-letter words, 129 eleven-letter words, 14 twelve-letter words and 3 thirteen-letter words. Complete lists of new words and definitions can be found in Member Services.