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May 26th, 2021: MARTINET

Definition: MARTINET*MARTINETS n one who demands rigid adherence to rules

Anagrams: intermat

Hooks: martinetS

Ana-hooks: intermatS intImater maternitY matterinG terminatE

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aDmitter amAretti amOretti animAter antimerE attAiner emiGrant Gnattier interaCt intermIt intImate intraNet intreatS marinAte minaretS miStreat nitrateD nitrateS raimentS reattAin rematinG remittaL retiRant rUminate Straiten tantriSm tentOria teratiSm terminaL tertianS trainmeN tramLine tranSmit treatinG triPtane tYramine

Extensions: martinetISH# martinetISM# martinetISMS#

Sub-anagrams: ae ai aim aimer ain air airmen airn airt ait am amen ament ami amie amin amine amir amrit an ane ani anime ant ante anti antre ar are arm armet art at ate att attire ear earn eat em emir emit en entia er era ern et eta etamin etna imaret in inarm inert inmate inter intreat irate ire it item iterant ma mae main mair man mane mar mare marine mart marten martin mat mate mater matier matin matt matte matter mattin me mean meant meat men menta merit met meta mi mien mina minae minaret mine miner mint minter mir mire mite miter mitre mitt mitten na nae nam name namer natter nattier ne near neat nema net nett nim nit nite niter nitrate nitre rai raiment rain ram ramen ramet rami ramie ramin ran rani rant rat rate ratine ratite ratten re ream rei rein rem remain reman remint remit rent ret retain retia retina retint ria riant rim rime rin rite ta tae tain taint tam tame tamein tamer tan tar tare tarn tart tat tate tater te tea team tear teat tein ten tenia tent terai term tern tertian tet tetra tetri ti tian (and 25 more)

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