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May 17th, 2021: RATTEN


Anagrams: natter

Hooks: rattenS

Ana-hooks: entraNt entrEat Intreat Iterant natterS nattIer nItrate Pattern ratteEn rePtant taUnter ternatE tertIan

'Typos': batten fatten latten patten rattan ratted ratter ratton rotten

Blana-grams: antHer antLer antreS arDent arGent arPent aStern atOner attenD attenT attIre attOrn attUne Banter Batter Canter Carnet Centra enraPt entEra entraP erRant eXtant Fatter Garnet Hatter Latent Latter Learnt Marten Matter natUre neatEr neCtar nettEr nOtate nUtate nUtter Ornate Parent Patent Patter ranteD ranteR ratIne ratIte rattLe reCant rentaL retaIn retIna retInt rOtate Stater Sterna taLent tanKer tanNer tanreC tantrA tarGet tartAn tarteD tarteR taSter taterS tatTer taUten taUter taVern tenaNt tentEr tetanY tetraD tetraS tHenar tHreat tInter tOrten tranCe treatS treatY trePan trUant tYrant Wanter Watter Yatter

Extensions: rattenED rattenER rattenERS rattenING rattenINGS# OVErattenTION OVErattenTIONS OVErattenTIVE#

Sub-anagrams: ae an ane ant ante antre ar are art at ate att ear earn eat en er era ern et eta etna na nae ne near neat net nett ran rant rat rate re rent ret ta tae tan tar tare tarn tart tat tate tater te tea tear teat ten tent tern tet tetra treat tret

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