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February 18th, 2013: DETRAIN

Definition: DETRAIN*DETRAINED*DETRAINING*DETRAINS v to get off a railroad train

Anagrams: antired trained

Hooks: detrainS

Ana-hooks: antHerid arOinted daintIer deratinG detainEr diCentra diPteran Gradient indUrate nitraTed Ordinate randieSt ratiOned redatinG retainEd rUinated Strained treadinG Urinated

'Typos': retrain

Blana-grams: airdAte airtHed anerOid aneStri antSier arAneid arenitE arideSt aStride atTired aUdient Bartend Brained Cairned Ceratin Certain Creatin danDier dartinG daUnter deFiant denariI dePaint deraiGn deStain detainS deViant deXtran deXtrin diaSter diatrOn dietarY diLater diPtera diSrate draGnet draineD draineR entraiN Fainted Fainter Gradine Grained Granite Granted Gratine Hairnet Handier inarMed indIter indraFt ineartH inedIta inertIa inGrate inStead intreaT intrUde inVader iteranT Keratin Latrine Mediant Minaret nardiNe naStier natTier natUred nidateD nidateS nitraTe nitrIde Painted Painter Pardine Partied Patined Pertain Pirated Printed radiAnt radiAte raiMent randieR randieS ratineS ratLine raVined readinG readMit redBait redtaiL reLiant rePaint retainS retinaE retinaL retinaS retSina rUinate Sainted Sandier Sardine Staider Stained Stainer Stander Stearin taCrine tainTed tanGier tardieR tardieS tardiVe tarRied taUrine taWnier tearinG tendriL terRain terTian tHerian tiarAed tinderS tinderY tinWare tiradeS tradinG traiKed traiLed traineE traineR tranCed trenaiL triaGed triBade tridenT trindLe tUrdine Unaired Unitard Unrated Untired Untread Untried Uranide Uranite Urinate Verdant

Extensions: detrainED detrainING detrainMENT detrainMENTS

Sub-anagrams: ad adit ae ai aid aide aider ain air aired airn airt airted ait an and ane ani ant ante anted anti antre ar ardent are arid art at ate dan dare darn dart date dater de deair dean dear den denar denari deni dent derat detain die diet din dinar dine diner dint dire dirt dit dita dite drain drat ear earn eat ed edit en end entia er era ern et eta etna id idea in inert inter irade irate ire ired it na nadir nae nard ne near neat nerd net nidate nide nit nite niter nitre rad rai raid rain rained ran rand rani ranid rant ranted rat rate rated ratine re read red redan redia rei rein rend rent ret retain retia retina ria riant rid ride rident rin rind rite ta tad tae tain tan tar tare tared tarn tea tear ted teind ten tend tenia terai tern ti tide tie tied tier tin tinder tine tinea tined tirade tire tired trad trade train tread trend triad tried trine trined

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