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December 27th, 2008: DYSTONIA

Definition: DYSTONIA*DYSTONIAS n a condition of disordered tonicity of muscle tissue

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: dystoniaS

Ana-hooks: dystoPian staMinody

'Typos': dystocia dystonic dystopia

Blana-grams: adJoints antiBody astoniEd Banditos diatRons dynaMist dynastiC intRados Lanosity nodaLity nodOsity oXidants Pintados saintdoM satinPod sEdation sodaLity sUdation taRdyons toadyinG toadyisH toadyisM

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad adios adit adits ado adonis ados ads ai aid aids ain ains ais ait aits an and ands ani anis ant anti antis ants antsy any as astony at atony ay ayin ayins ays dainty dais daisy dan danio danios dans dato datos day days din dino dinos dins dint dints dis dit dita ditas dits ditsy do doat doats doit doits don dona donas dons donsy dos dost dot dots doty dynast id ids in ins into ion ions iota iotas is it its na naoi naos nasty nay nays nit nits no nod nodi nods noisy nos nosy not nota oast oat oats od oda odas odist ods oi on ons os ostia oy sad sadi said sain saint sand sandy sanity santo sat sati satin satiny say sayid si sin sit snit snot so sod soda son sot soy soya staid stain stand stay stoa stoai stony sty syn synod ta tad tads tain tains tan tans tansy tao taos tas ti tidy tin tins tiny tis to toad toads toady tod today todays tods tody ton tondi tons tony toy toys tsadi tyin ya yin yins yo yod yods yon yond yoni yonis

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