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November 24th, 2015: CHINSE

Definition: CHINSE*CHINSED*CHINSES*CHINSING v to fill the seams in a boat or cabin

Anagrams: chines inches niches

Hooks: chinseD chinseS

Ana-hooks: chAines cinChes echinUs eThnics Finches Ginches incheRs Lichens Pinches Richens sPhenic sThenic Winches Zechins

'Typos': chines

Blana-grams: Ashine cAsein chAine chAins chAise chiDes chieFs chieLs chiLes chiMes chinAs chineD chinGs chinKs chinOs chinTs chiseL chiVes chOsen cLines cOnies cOsine echinG echinI encAsh enRich eThics eThnic Fiches hAnces heMins hinGes hYenic icOnes incAse incesT incheD incheR incIse incUse inMesh insecT iTches Lichen Liches Mensch Miches Minces nAches neiGhs neWish nicesT nicheD niecEs Oscine Richen Riches sceniC seichE shenAi shineD shineR shineS shRine sicKen sniTch sTench Theins Whines Wiches Winces Zechin

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: chi chin chine chins chis cine cines cis eh en ens es he hen hens hes hi hic hie hies hin hins his hisn ice ices ich ichs in inch ins is ne nice niche sec sei sen sh she shen shin shine si sic sice sin since sine sinh

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