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October 31st, 2003: ESTUARINE

Definition: not available

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Centauries eQuestrian eutHerians neutraLise resuPinate unreaDiest unsteaDier

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aGentries anKerites antiBuser antiMeres antiQuers antiseruM aPerients arseniteS austeniTe Braunites Cauteries Cauterise Ceintures Centiares Centuries Cisternae Creatines Denatures Dentaries Detainers eLaterins entaiLers enuretiCs ePisterna estuarieS eutHerian eYestrain Gauntries Genitures Gratinees Herniates inDurates interFuse inVertase iratenesS iteranCes Mutineers nearLiest neCtaries nuMerates Pistareen Preunites reinstaTe renatuRes reseatinG resinateD resinateS resituaTe retaineRs retinuLae retinuLas reuniteRs ruMinates saturniNe sauntereD sauntereR sauterneS siGnature sParteine stearineS stinGaree suPernate suStainer tanNeries tearinesS ternaRies treenaiLs truanCies turneRies unCreates unDereats uneasieSt unFairest unretiRes unsteriLe unWariest urBanites uretHanes

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae aeneus aerie aeries aeriest ai ain ains air airest airn airns airs airt airts ais ait aits an ane anes anestri ani anis anise ant ante antes anti antis antre antres ants antsier anus ar are arene arenes arenite arenites ares arete aretes arise arisen ars arse arsenite arsine art arts artsie as aster astern astir at ate ates aunt auntie aunties aunts aurei aures auris aurist austere ear earn earnest earns ears ease easer easier east easter eastern eat eaten eater eaters eats eau en enate enates ens ensue ensuite ensure enter entera enters entia entire entires entries enure enures er era eras erase ere ern erne ernes erns ers erst es esne est ester estrin esurient et eta etas etesian etna etnas etui etuis in inert inerts ins insert inset instar insure inter inters inure inures irate ire ires is it its na nae naes nairu nairus nares naris nastier nates nature natures ne near nearest nears neat neater neats nee neist nereis nerts nest nester net nets neuter neuters nit nite niter niters nites nitre nitres nits nu nurse nus nut nutria nutrias nuts nutsier rai rain rains rais raise ran ranee ranees rani ranis rant (and 339 more)

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