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December 13th, 2018: COPREMIA

Definition: COPREMIA*COPREMIAS n a form of blood poisoning

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: copremiaS

Ana-hooks: ameTropic paroemiAc preaTomic premoSaic

'Typos': copremic

Blana-grams: ampHoric apocriNe campFire campHire camporeE capoeirA capoNier caprioLe capSomer ceCropia coaDmire compaDre compareD compareR compareS compearS compiLer compLier compriSe compriZe coramiNe crampieR impacTer impacTor mercapTo mericaRp meropiaS meSocarp operaTic pareciSm paroemiA picLoram picoGram poacHier poemaTic procaiNe procLaim proemiaL proXemic racemoiD Sapremic

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace acer acme acre ae aero ai aim aimer air am ami amice amie amir amorce amp ape aper ar arc arco are areic arm cam came cameo camp camper campi campier campo cap cape caper capi capo car care carom carp carpi cep ceria cero ciao cimar cire coir coma comae come comer comp compare compear comper cop cope coper copier copra cor coram core coremia coria corm cram crame cramp crap crape cream crim crime crimp cripe crome crop ea ear em emic emir emporia epic eprom er era eric erica ice icer imp io ire ma mac mace macer macro mae mair maire map mar marc mare me merc meri meropia meropic mi mica mice mico micra micro mir mire mo moa moc moe moi moira moire mop mope moper mopier mor mora morae more moria oar oca ocrea oe oi om omer op ope opera or ora orc orca ore pa pac pace pacer pacier paco pair paire pam par pare pareo pe pea pear pec per perai peri perm pi pia pic pica picaro pice picra pie pier pima pir po poa poem poi pom pomace pome pore pram prao pre premia price prim prima (and 40 more)

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