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April 20th, 2004: SARODE

Definition: SARODE*SARODES n sarod

Anagrams: adores oreads soared

Hooks: sarodeS

Ana-hooks: adoreRs aroUsed deoDars doaTers doGears droseRa Fedoras Loaders ordeaLs oreadEs oVersad radoMes redoWas reLoads roadeOs roadIes roasTed sarCode saVored soredIa Torsade Troades

'Typos': sarods strode

Blana-grams: aBodes aBords adDers adoBes adoOrs adoreD adoreR adorNs adsorB aHorse aIders aLders aLdose aNodes aPodes ardeBs ardoRs areAds aredEs arIose arKose aroIds aroUse arseNo asHore Bardes Bardos Beards Boards Bordes Breads Broads Cadres Cedars Coarse Coders Credos daDoes daGoes daKers dareRs darRes dasHer daTers daZers deaIrs dearEs dearNs deBars deCors deGras deoDar deraTs deraYs derMas desorB deWars doaTer doBras doGear doPers doraDs doreEs dorIes dorIse dorsaD dorsaL dorseL dorseR dorseS dosaGe doserS dosSer doTers doUars doUras doUser doVers doWars doWers doWser doZers draKes draPes dreaDs dreaMs dreaRs droLes droMes droNes droVes droWse erasEd erodEs Faders Farsed Fedora Grades Heards Hoards Hoared Hoarse Hordes Horsed Irades Laders Loader Madres Moders oaKers oaTers oPeras oraTed oraTes ordeaL ordeRs Padres Pareos Parsed Pedros Prosed radGes radIos radoMe radoNs raIsed raMose rasHed rasPed readDs reaLos reasoN redaNs redIas redoEs redoNs redoWa reLoad resaId resEda resHod resoaK resodS resoLd roadeO roadIe roaMed roaRed roaTed roaTes rodeOs roNdes roOsed rosaCe roseaL rosIed rosTed roUsed saBred saCred sadDer saIred saNder sardeL saWder sCared sCored seadoG searEd seNora serdaB seroSa sHader sHared sHoder sHored sMored sNared sNored soaKed soaKer soaPed soaPer soareR soareS sodGer soLder soLera soNder soraGe sorBed sorNed sorTed soUred sPader sPared sPored sPread sTared sTeard sTored sWeard Trades Treads Troade Troads Trodes Uredos Vadose Waders Worsed Yeards Zerdas

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ado adore ados ads ae aero aeros ar ard ards are ared ares arose ars arse as da dae daes dare dares das de dear dears do doe doer doers does dor dore dors dorsa dorse dos dose doser dso ea ear eard eards ears eas ed er era eras eros ers es oar oared oars od oda odas ode odea odes ods oe oes or ora orad ord ords ore oread ores ors os osar ose rad rade rads ras rase rased re read reads red redo redos reds res resod road roads rod rode rodes rods roe roed roes rose rosed sad sade sae sar sard sared sarod sea sear sed ser sera so soar soare sod soda sora sord sorda sore sored

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