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April 2nd, 2020: CUSHAT

Definition: CUSHAT*CUSHATS n a pigeon

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: cushatS

Ana-hooks: caNthus chauNts cYathus stauNch Wauchts

'Typos': cushaw

Blana-grams: acutEs auGhts Bahuts caCtus caNtus catsuP cauGht chaFts chaNts chaRts chastE chauNt chEats chIaus chOuts chuFas chutEs cLauts cOuths cRusta cuEsta cuRats cutCha cutLas Ducats Ghauts hauLst hauNts hIatus hutIas Kutcha Lauchs Muscat Nautch Ouchts Putsch Quatch sacBut sachEt sauchS scaIth scaRth scatCh scathE scathS schOut schuIt schuYt scOuth scutaL scutCh shtucK sLatch sMatch sMutch sNatch staNch staRch suBact sucCah suMach suNhat sWatch tachEs tachOs taIsch thacKs thuJas thuYas tuaThs tuschE tusSah uNhats uPcast Waucht Yachts

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ach act acts ah ahs as ash at cash cast cat cats ch cha chas chat chats chut cush cut cuts ha has hast hat hats haut hut huts sac sat sau sauch saut scat scath scut scuta sh sha shat shut st such ta tach tachs tas tash tau taus thus tush uh us ut uta utas uts

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