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January 23rd, 2023: TOPSIDER

Definition: TOPSIDER*TOPSIDERS n one who is at the highest level of authority

Anagrams: diopters dioptres dipteros peridots proteids riposted

Hooks: topsiderS

Ana-hooks: depiCtors depositOr dipteroUs disporteD dripstoNe droOpiest peridotEs piedForts postrideR proteidEs redEposit repositEd tripodIes

'Typos': topsides

Blana-grams: Adopters Asported Asteroid Cordites deBitors deorBits depiCtor depositS despotiC diAspore diGestor dioptAse diorItes dipterAs dipteroI dipteroN direMpts dispoNer disportS dispoSer disproVe dispUter doOrstep dopestEr dorKiest dortiesT droNiest dropLets dropsieD dropsieS dropWise epidotEs Firepots Grodiest iMported iMposted iMposter iodUrets Leporids Mortised oUtrides oUtsider oVertips pArodies pArodist pArotids pAstored perCoids peridotE periostS peroXids persiCot piedFort pieForts pierRots pistoLed piVoters podDiest podGiest poetisEd poetisEr poetriEs poiNders poiNters poitreLs porKiest porNiest porteNds portiesT portOise postdiVe posterEd postFire postUred potsHerd prediCts preEdits presidIo priestEd prisoNed proFited proMised prosieSt prostieS proteidE proteiNs proteNds proUdest proVides rApidest reAdopts reEdstop repoiNts repositS repostEd respitEd riposteS riptIdes rispetTo roOpiest roUpiest roWdiest sCripted sorptiVe spHeroid spirAted spirIted sportieR sportiVe spotTier spoUtier spriNted spritZed sproUted steroidS stodGier stoLider stripPed stropPed stUpider sUitored tArsiped tiderIps torpedOs trAipsed triposeS tropHied tropHies tropiNes Wordiest

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: de dei deist deport deports deposit depot depots despot di die dies diet diets diopter dioptre dip dips dipso dipt dire direst dirt dirts dis disport dit dite dites dits do doe doer doers does doest doit doits dop dope doper dopers dopes dopier dopiest dops dor dore dories dorise dorp dorps dors dorse dort dorts dos dose doser dost dot dote doter doters dotes dotier dots drest dries driest drip drips dript droit droits drop drops dropt dso ed edit editor editors edits eidos epos epris er eros ers erst es esprit est estop estro et id ide ides ids io ios ire ired ires is iso it its od ode odes odist ods oe oes oi op ope oped opes ops opt opted opter opters opts or ord ords ore ores ors ort orts os ose osier pe ped pedro pedros peds per peri peridot period periods periost peris perst pert perts pes peso pest pesto pet pets pi pie pied pier piers pierst piert pies piet piets pioted pir pirs pis pise piso piste pit pits po pod podite podites pods poet poets poi pois poise poised poiser pore pored pores poriest port ported ports pos pose (and 287 more)

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