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November 30th, 2022: CHANDLER

Definition: CHANDLER*CHANDLERS n a dealer in provisions

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: chandlerS chandlerY

Ana-hooks: chlOrdane

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: anchOred anhedrAl Blanched Blancher Branched calendAr calendEr calendrY candlerS chalAned chalderS chaldrOn charnelS chIldren chlOrdan chOndral cOlander cOnelrad cranChed cranKled enarchEd encradlE endarchY Flanched handlerS hardlIne heraldIc Inarched landrAce laUnched laUncher Planched raUnched rehandlE relaUnch rOndache Trachled

Extensions: chandlerLY chandlerIES chandlerING chandlerINGS

Sub-anagrams: ace aced acer ach ache ached acne acned acre acred ad ae ah ahed al alder aldern ale alec an ance ancle and ane ar arc arced arch arched ard are ared arle arled cad cade cadre can candle candler cane caned caneh caner car card care cared carl carle carn cedar cedarn cel ch cha chad chal chalder char chard chare chared charnel che chela chenar cher clad clade clan clean clear cradle cran crane craned cred credal crena da dace dae dah dahl dal dale dan dance dancer dare darn darnel de deal dean dear dearn decal del den dern dhal drench ea each ean ear eard earl earn ecad ech echard ed edh eh el elan eland eld en enarch end endarch enlard er era ern ha had hade hae haed haen hale haled haler han hance hand hander handle handler hard harden hare hared hareld harl harled harn he head heal heald hear heard held hen hend her herald herd herl hern la lac lace laced lacer lad lade laden lader laer lah lance lanced lancer lanch lanched land lande lander lane lar larch larchen lard lare larn larned lea leach lead lean lear learn lech (and 50 more)

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