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November 23rd, 2022: DOWSE

Definition: DOWSE*DOWSED*DOWSING*DOWSES v to search for underground water with a divining rod

Anagrams: sowed

Hooks: dowseD dowseR dowseS dowseT

Ana-hooks: Bowsed doweLs doweRs dowLes dRowse eNdows sCowed sHowed sLowed sNowed sowCed sowFed sowLed sowMed sowSed sTowed Towsed wodGes woRsed

'Typos': bowse dorse douse dowie dowle lowse sowse towse

Blana-grams: Bodes Bowed Bowes Codes Coeds Cosed Cowed deAws deCos deMos dHows doeKs doeRs doesT doGes doLes doMes doPes doseD doseH doseR doseS doTes doVes dowDs doweD doweL doweR dowLs dowNs dowPs dowTs doZes dRows eIdos eNdow eNows Feods Gowds Hosed Howes Jowed Lodes Losed Lowed Lowes Meows Modes Mosed Mowed Nodes Nosed Nowed owLed owNed owRes owseN Posed Redos Resod Resow Rodes Rosed Rowed sAwed seRow sewEd sHoed soLde soLed soNde soRed sowCe soweR sowLe sowNd sowNe sPode swedE sweEd swoNe swoRd swoRe Tosed Towed Vowed wAdes weEds weIds weLds weNds wHose wIdes wIsed woAds wodGe woLds woOds woOed woRds woRse woWed Yowed Yowes

Extensions: dowseRS dowseTS

Sub-anagrams: de dew dews do doe does dos dose dow dows dso ed es od ode odes ods oe oes os ose ow owe owed owes owse sed sew so sod sow we wed weds wo woe woes wos

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