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November 6th, 2022: SCULLION

Definition: SCULLION*SCULLIONS n a kitchen servant who does menial work

Anagrams: cullions

Hooks: scullionS

Ana-hooks: collusiOn

'Typos': scallion

Blana-grams: Allusion Bullions collinGs counCils cousinlY cullinGs illusIon inscRoll lEucosin linocuTs lioncEls Mullions nuclEoli Quillons Rullions scullinG sulFonic ulicHons unsociAl

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: cill cills cion cions cis clon clons clonus clou clous coil coils coin coins col colin colins coll collins colls cols con coni cons consul conus cos coulis cousin cull cullion cullis culls icon icons ill ills in incus ins insoul io ion ions ios is iso li lilo lilos lin lino linos lins lion lions lis lo loci loculi locus loin loins los louis loun louns nicol nicols nil nill nills nils nis no noil noils noll nolls nos noul nouls nous nu null nulls nus oculi oi oil oils on oncus ons onus os ou scion scul scull si sic sill silo sin so soc soil sol soli son sonic sou soul sui sulci sun ulicon ulicons un unci unco uncoil uncoils uncos uni unis uns us

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