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November 2nd, 2022: TALESMAN

Definition: TALESMAN*TALESMEN n a person summoned to fill a vacancy on a jury

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: alaIments lamInates malOnates metHanals staBleman stamIneal

'Typos': dalesman salesman talesmen talisman

Blana-grams: aIlments alaIment alIments alKanets almaGest amentIas analeCts anImates antImale asteRnal atlanTes Banalest Blastema Calmants Camstane eastlanD emanatEs Gamelans Kantelas lamBaste lamInate leaDsman maGentas maGnates maleatEs malOnate maltaseS manaCles manateEs manDates manlIest manteaUs manteEls mantleTs mateRnal melanIst mesnaltY metHanal namasteS nametaGs nUtmeals Oatmeals Platanes Plateasm Plateman Pleasant salmOnet saRmenta sealantS seamanlY semantRa semBlant smaltIne stalLman stalLmen stamInal steElman Wealsman Zealants

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: aa aal aals aas ae al ala alae alan alane alans alant alants alas alate alates ale ales alma almas alme almes alms als alt alts am ama amas amate amates amen amens ament amenta amental aments amla amlas an ana anal anas ane anes anlas ansa ansae ansate ant anta antae antas ante antes ants as asea aslant at ate ates atlas atma atman atmans atmas ea ean eans eas east eat eats el elan elans elm elms els elt elts em ems en ens es est et eta etas etna etnas la lam lama lamas lame lament laments lames lamest lams lana lanas lanate lane lanes lant lants las lase last lat late laten latens lats lea leam leams lean leans leant leas least leat leats leman lemans lens lent les lest let lets ma maa maas mae maes mal malate malates male males mals malt maltase malts man mana manas mane manes manet mans manse manta mantas mantel mantels mantes mantle mantles mas masa mase mast mat mate mates mats me meal meals mean means meant meat meatal meats mel mela melas mels melt melts men mensa mensal ment menta mental mes mesa mesal met meta metal (and 124 more)

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