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September 6th, 2022: BISTER

Definition: BISTER*BISTERS n a brown pigment

Anagrams: bestir bistre biters tribes

Hooks: bisterS

Ana-hooks: bAiters bArites bestirS bestriD betriMs bistreD bistreS bitsIer bitTers bLister brisKet bristLe bUstier Fibster Herbist Orbiest rebAits rebitEs ribLets rUbiest sOrbite terbiAs tiMbers tiMbres

'Typos': baster bistre bitter buster lister mister sister

Blana-grams: Airest Arties bAiter bArest bArite beDsit beFits beGirt beMist berEts bertHs besitS besOrt besPit bestAr betisE betriM biDers biDets biKers birLes birseS birsLe birtHs biseCt bistrO bLites bOites brAise breAst breNts breWis briBes briDes brieFs brieRs briNes briseS britTs briZes brUise brUits brUtes bUrets bUries bUsier Citers Debits Debris Direst Driest erbiAs esPrit estriN Fibers Fibres Freits Gibers iberIs iNerts iNsert iNters Jibers Kiters Libers Liters Litres Merits Miters Mitres Nebris Niters Nitres Obiter Orbits Pierst Priest rAbies rebAit rebiDs rebitE rebUts reCits reFits reistS reList reMits resiFt resiSt resitE resitS retiEs ribLet ribOse riFest riPest ritZes riVets rUbies sAtire sCribe siFter siNter sitreP sitTer sMiter sObeit sOrbet sOrtie sPrite steriC stireD stireS stirRe stiVer striAe striDe striFe striKe striPe striVe strObe sUiter sUrbet sWeirt tAbers terAis terbiA terbiC tHeirs tiGers tiLers tiMber tiMbre tiMers tirOes tiTers tiTres tObies tOries treVis triCes trieNs trieRs triKes triNes triOse triPes trisTe triTes tUbers tWiers tWires Urites Verist Wriest Writes Zibets

Extensions: bisterED

Sub-anagrams: be besit best bet bets bi bier biers birse bis bise bit bite biter bites bits brie bries bris brise brit brits er ers erst es est et ire ires is it its re reb rebit rebs rei reis reist res resit rest ret rets rib ribes ribs rise rit rite rites rits sei seir ser set si sib sir sire sit site sri st stie stir stire te tes ti tie tier tiers ties tire tires tis tres tribe trie tries

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