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September 3rd, 2017: CONDYLE

Definition: CONDYLE*CONDYLES n a protuberance on a bone

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: condyleS

Ana-hooks: Secondly Uncloyed

'Typos': condole

Blana-grams: celAdon clonKed cloWned coWedly cyClone doUcely ecdySon lyncHed noTedly nyloNed

Extensions: EPIcondyle# EPIcondyleS#

Sub-anagrams: cel clod clon clone cloned cloy cloyed cod code coden coed col cold cole coled coly con cone coned coney cony coy coyed de deco decoy del den deny dey do doc doe dol dolce dole don done doyen dye dyne dynel eco ed el eld en end enol eon led lend leno ley lo lode loden lone lye ne no nod node noel od ode odyl odyle oe old olde olden oldy ole on once one only oy ye yeld yen yo yod yodel yodle yon yond

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