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February 1st, 2017: DEMENTI

Definition: DEMENTI*DEMENTIS n an official denial of a published statement

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: dementiA dementiS

Ana-hooks: minUeted mitTened Pediment Reminted Sediment

'Typos': dements

Blana-grams: Bedtime Centime deeminG demeRit demetOn demineR denimeD dentiNe deStine detinUe dimeteR dinetTe emetinE emetinS emineNt emitTed emPtied endemiC enditeD enditeS entiCed eRmined etAmine eVident Feinted Lenited mAtinee mediAnt mediAte meetinG meRited mindSet minUted miStend miteRed mUtined Onetime Retimed Sidemen teeminG teendOm Untimed

Extensions: dementiAL dementiAS dementiNG

Sub-anagrams: de dee deem deet deme dement demit den dene deni denim dent die diene diet dim dime din dine dint dit dite ed edit eide em eme emend emetin emit en end endite et id idem ident in it item itemed me med meed meet men mend met mete meted mi mid mien mind mine mined mint minted mite ne nee need neem net nide nim nit nite te ted tee teed teem teen tein teind ten tend ti tide tie tied time timed tin tine tined

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